Elbecs Pet store

Here at Elbec we get calls everyday wondering if we sell pet products. The answer is ‘Yes we have a fantastic range!’ Even though we mostly sell Garden Buildings and Furniture there is an isle of our store designated to Pets.

We offer everything from Rabbit Runs, Hamster Cadges, Kennels and Poultry Houses. Our unique range of Hamster Cadges are a refreshing delight from the standard metal cadges people are so used to seeing.

One cadge in particular which will excite the kids and keep the hamster happy is the ‘Spellios Dwarf Hamster Cage’. This exciting cage is brilliant to look at as it comes with a host of accessories as standard; hamster wheel, tunnel, food bowl and water bottle. This means less money spent down the pet shop! The smooth plastic design ensures ease of cleaning. The spacious size ensures the hamster will keep fit as well as entertained with the cages entertainment system; hamster wheel and tunnel.

Hamsters make great first pets and can teach children how to care and look after animals. Their cuteness and the entertainment they provide is the reason why nearly every other child has a hamster. Hamsters are a great way to introduce a pet in to your home as they are low maintenance and the start up costs is minimal. This Spellios Dwarf Hamster Cage is also suitable for gerbils and mice which are also popular with young children.

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