5ft High Grange Professional Lap Fencing Pack - Golden Brown

  • Free UK Mainland Delivery
  • 10 Year anti-rot Guarantee*
  • No 1 UK Supplier of Fencing Panels
  • One of the Best Lap Panels on the Market
  • Superb Value for Money
  • FSC Timber
  • Supplied Dipped Treated

RRP: £128.00
PRICES FROM: £111.00

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Product Price and Available Options  

5ft High Grange Professional Lap Fencing Pack - Golden Brown
Choose a Product:
3 PanelsNOW: £111.00
4 PanelsNOW: £135.00
5 PanelsNOW: £159.00
6 PanelsNOW: £179.00
7 PanelsNOW: £200.00
8 PanelsNOW: £220.00
9 PanelsNOW: £241.00
10 Panels (includes option to add more panels)NOW: £261.00
Choose any additional extras:
Add Posts
Brown Timber Post 75mm (2100mm 7ft High)Qty:-+£6.50
Brown Timber Post 100mm (2100mm 7ft High)Qty:-+£12.00
Slotted Concrete Post (2360x109x94mm)Qty:-+£17.00
Add Post Caps (For use with Timber Posts Only)
Timber Post Cap 100mmQty:-+£0.55
Heavy Duty Timber Post Cap 120mm (Brown)Qty:-+£0.90
Timber Ball Post Cap (75mm Posts Only)Qty:-+£5.00
Timber Acorn Post Cap (75mm Posts Only)Qty:-+£5.00
Add Metpost Panel Clips (For Use With Timber Posts Only)Qty:-+£0.50
Add Gravel Boards
Brown Timber Gravel Board (150x1830x22mm)Qty:-+£3.50
Concrete Gravel Board (150x1830x50mm)Qty:-+£10.00
Concrete Gravel Board (305x1830x50mm)Qty:-+£15.00
Metpost Timber Gravel Board ClipsQty:-+£1.15
Metpost Fixing Options (For use with Timber Posts Only)
Metpost Drive-In Spike 75x600mmQty:-+£6.50
Metpost Drive-In Spike 100x750mmQty:-+£8.00
Metpost Bolt Down Shoe 75mmQty:-+£5.00
Metpost Bolt Down Shoe 100mmQty:-+£7.50
Metpost Flush Fit Bolt Down Shoe 75mmQty:-+£5.00
Metpost Flush Fit Bolt Down Shoe 100mmQty:-+£7.00
Metpost Concrete-In Shoe 75mmQty:-+£5.50
Metpost Concrete-In Shoe 100mmQty:-+£7.00
Add Metpost Drive-In Spike Tool
Metpost Drive-In Spike Tool (75mm)£5.00
Metpost Drive-In Spike Tool (100mm)£7.00
Add Metcrete (order 1 bag per post)Qty:-+£7.00
Add Lap Gate Option£44.99
Ironmongery Set (for gates)£17.95
'3 Panels' Usually Delivered Within 5-7 Working Days.
Total You Pay (inc VAT): £135.00    
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Product Description

Please note - Picture shows 6ft High Grange Professional Lap Fencing

Key Features of 5ft High Grange Professional Lap Fence Panel - Golden Brown

  • FREE UK Mainland Delivery
  • No 1 UK Supplier of Fencing Panels
  • 10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee*
  • Height of Panel 1.5m (4'11")
  • Width of Panel 1.83m (6'0")
  • One of the Best Lap Panels on the Market (See Specification Table Below)  
  • Thicker Cladding and Sturdier Framework Compared to Competitors
  • Supplied Dip-Treated in Golden Brown
  • Panels Complete with Capping
  • Rustic Sawn Finish
  • FSC Certified
  • Customise with High Quality Optional Accessories
  • Genuine Metpost Fixing Options
  • Product Description

    Established in 1868, Grange has 140 years of experience and an established reputation for quality and excellence in the fencing industry. Grange is the No1 UK supplier of fencing panels and fencing accessories.  By blending modern technology with traditional skills and by sourcing the best materials from all over the world Grange bring you products that will last.

    The Grange Professional Lap panel uses rustic overlap cladding to create a fencing style that is sure to look good in any garden. Overlap fencing is the UK's most popular style of fencing and the Grange Professional Lap panel uses thicker cladding and framework to make it one of the best quality lap panels on the market.

    Height - The Grange Professional Lap Fence Panel - 1.4m (4'11") (At Highest point)

    Width - The Grange Professional Lap Fence Panel - 1.83m (6'0")

    Category - The Grange Professional Lap Panel falls in to our "Popular" category because it has thicker cladding and sturdier framework than our "Pricewise" fencing. 

    Framework - The advantages of this fencing are the THREE vertical batons front and back and the thick top capping, which ensures this fencing stands firm in windy conditions, lasting longer, much longer, than its competitors. Each fencing panel comes completely pre-assembled allowing for easy installation.

    Dip-Treated Finish* - The fences are pre-treated with a water based timber treatment, we do however recommend that you treat the fencing yourself with a high quality preservative after 6 months for maximum durability. Treating your fencing will ensure its longevity, durability and lasting good looks. This will need to be repeated accordingly in relation to manufacturer's instructions. We guarantee all dip-treated products for 10 years against rot that are isolated from the ground by a timber or concrete gravel board. Should any product prove faulty, we will re-supply the same free of charge.

    Timber - All our fencing is manufactured from Pine timber sourced from sustainable forests.

    FSC Certified (Certificate No SGS-COC-00100) - Grange has a policy to protect the enviroment wherever they operate or source material. By buying products with an FSC label you are supporting the growth of responsible forest management worldwide.

    Metpost Brand - The Metpost Brand is the Market Leader in metal post fixings. All our Grange fencing products provide you with the option to purchase Metpost fixings, where you will be guaranteed a first class product to complement your first class Grange fencing.


    Please note: all imperial measurements are approximate and all our Grange Fencing are made from metric measurements.

    Product Name: 5ft High Grange Professional Lap Fence Panel - Golden Brown
    Category: Popular
    Height at Highest Point: 1.5m (4'11")
    Height at Lowest Point: N/A
    Width of Panel: 1.83m (6'0")
    Framework:16mm x 32mm
    Number of Batons:3 Batons (Front and Back) plus Framing on both Panel Ends
    Cladding Finish:5mm - Sawn
    Finish/Colour:Golden Brown
    Manufacturer's Anti-Rot Guarantee:10 Years
    FSC Timber:YES
    Matching Gate Available:5ft High Grange (Lap) Gate - Golden Brown
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    The Gallery below shows the many options available. (Please Note colours may vary slightly and some are for photographic purposes). Click smaller pictures to view larger image.

    Timber Post

    Timber posts come pressure treated for longer life in a rough sawn brown finish to match the fencing. Normally you would order one more post than the total number of panels you order (e.g. 4 panels requires 5 posts).

    At last. a timber post that's Fit for Purpose.

  • Kiln dried, incised and treated
  • Incisions allow treatment to penetrate deep in to the wood.
  • 15 year manufacturer's anti rot guarantee*
  • The incised post consists of multiple small incisions to all four faces of the post. Allowing the treatment to penetrate 6mm into the timber, giving the post an overall longer life.

    Timber Post Concrete Post Timber Post Cap 100mm or Heavy Duty Timber Post Cap 120mm (Brown) Timber Ball Post Cap
    Timber Acorn Post Cap (75mm Posts Only) Metpost Panel Clips Timber Gravel Board Concrete Gravel Board
    Gravel Board Clips Metpost Drive-In Spike 75mm and 100mm Metpost Flush Fit Bolt Down Shoe Metpost Bolt Down Shoe
    Metpost Concrete-In Shoe Metpost Drive-In Spike Tool Metcrete Grange Lap Gate
    Ironmongery Set


    Booking Delivery - This manufacturer operates a text system to your mobile phone and you will receive one text message, to confirm a delivery date. If no mobile phone number is available you will be contacted by Email.

    You can address any problems with the team as required before accepting the proposed delivery date to your satisfaction.

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