Lugarde is a renowned name in the world of bespoke garden buildings. The company has crafted superior-quality summerhouses, log cabins, garden rooms and offices for over 40 years. The company understands that seeing is believing and doesn't just show you the products on a website. That's why you can see a portfolio of Lugarde buildings across the UK and Europe. You'll discover how each example speaks volumes of the pride and passion put into every element. At elbec, we understand that personalisation is key to creating spaces that resonate with individual style and functionality. That's why we celebrate Lugarde's commitment to offering one of the finest customisation services in the market.

Lugarde Wide Garden House

Experience the unbeatable combination of premium quality and reasonable pricing that Lugarde delivers, setting a new standard in value and excellence.

Why Buy Lugarde?

Design Your Dream Summerhouse in 3D

Use the Lugarde 3D configurator to craft your perfect summerhouse with complete freedom and no obligation. For bespoke needs, reach out to the elbec sales team. We can help you use the configurator to achieve the garden building design of your dreams.

Personalisation at Its Core

Every design featured in the Lugarde catalogue can be tailored to your preferences.

Precision Craftsmanship

For four decades, Lugarde has been expertly crafting summerhouses in the factory. The timber is precisely cut to ensure components fit seamlessly with millimetre accuracy.

Self-Assembly Made Simple

Your new Lugarde garden building arrives as a comprehensive DIY kit, complete with straightforward instructions and autocad drawings tailored to your design, making self-assembly manageable. Alternatively, elbec can arrange a convenient assembly service.

Superior Quality Timber

Premium timber is sourced from northern countries, where the cooler climate ensures slower tree growth. This results in denser annual rings, providing you with stronger, more resilient wood.

5-Year Guarantee

Lugarde products come with a 5-year guarantee covering manufacturing and construction defects, ensuring peace of mind with your purchase.

Design Your Custom Garden Building

Unleash your creativity with the Lugarde 3D configurator and design your ideal summerhouse, log cabin, or garden office. The user-friendly tool allows you to visualise your design in your garden, providing instant insights into both its look and cost.

At elbec, we offer full support for using the configurator. If you prefer to explore independently, you can create and submit your bespoke design directly to Lugarde. For a more interactive experience, visit our show site and collaborate with our expert sales team. By booking an appointment, you can ensure your Lugarde building is the perfect blend of your ideas with our professional guidance.

Start Your Design
Customm Built Garden Building

Lugarde Prima-System

Engineered by Lugarde, the Prima system presents an optimal choice for a customizable and high-quality summerhouse, featuring slender corner posts for a sleek, contemporary design.

  • Innovative design developed by Lugarde
  • Walls fit into corner posts without the need for nails or screws
  • Corner posts include an aluminium core for added stability
  • Designed with modern, clean lines
  • Applies to product codes starting with PR and P

Lugarde Pro System

The Pro system stands out with its broad laminated beams, creating a sturdy and contemporary structure as the wall sections seamlessly slide into place.

  • Beams measure 14×14 cm
  • Assembly is nail and screw-free, with walls slotting directly into the beams
  • Ensures a highly stable build
  • Combines sleek, modern aesthetics with a solid appearance
  • Offers bespoke adjustments in 10 cm steps
  • Choose from spruce, Douglas fir, or larch wood
  • Covers all products with codes PS, PSL, PSD, and PSM

Log Cabin System

The Log cabin system employs a classic method of construction with wooden wall sections that stack to reveal a distinctive cross-connection at each corner, offering a traditional and sturdy aesthetic.

  • Features a stacked log design
  • Cross-connections ensure a robust structure with versatile design and size options
  • Wall thicknesses of 68 and 90 mm include a double tongue and groove for enhanced stability
  • Customization available in 10 cm increments
  • Relevant for products marked with B and G codes.

Lugarde Catalogue

Browse the very best in bespoke garden buildings with Lugarde's latest catalogue. Each design is crafted precisely and customisable to fit your unique style and needs. Whether seeking a tranquil garden retreat or a functional outdoor workspace, Lugarde's catalogue is your go-to source for inspiration and the finest garden structures.

Download Catalogue

Experience Lugarde at our Show Site

Discover the charm of Lugarde summerhouses at our show site, where you can explore a splendid example of these exquisite garden structures. Due to the exceptional quality and unparalleled customisation experience, we will add more examples of Lugarde garden buildings at our show site.

You can also book an appointment with our sales team to guide you through using the Lugarde configurator. We are ready to help you design your dream garden building with Lugarde.

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With a production site in Latvia and approximately 180 dedicated employees, Lugarde has established a strong presence both in the Netherlands and internationally. The company prides itself on offering high-quality garden products at reasonable prices. Lugarde's commitment to quality and innovation is evident in its broad product range that provides customers with the best solutions for outdoor living spaces. If you are looking for a top-quality garden room that you can use all year, a Lugarde customised garden building is for you.

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Customer Reviews

Mr. N. Arends

My garden studio was built in one day by a Lugarde dealer. The installation was easy and the assembly material was excellent!

five stars

Ms. F. Jansen

After 20 years I needed to replace my old shed. With this gazebo from Lugarde, my garden has completely changed. When the sun shines I have a real holiday feeling!

five stars