It's suddenly very windy, which garden fencing panel is the solution?

It’s suddenly very windy, which garden fencing panel is the solution?

Wind is the enemy of garden fencing, of all garden buildings in fact, but particularly garden fencing. I’ll be honest, I had a good chuckle at the reporter on the news at lunchtime trying to report while being buffeted by the wind, but when you sell garden fencing the wind is no laughing matter.

We have a wide range of different garden fencing panels available, and there are many factors to consider when choosing the right one for you, but today let’s look at which garden fencing is best equipped to cope with high winds.

Our strongest garden fencing is our Grange Closeboard garden fencing. This garden fencing panel will not let the wind through, but plenty of timber is used in its construction, making it very durable garden fencing.

My favourite solution would probably be the Grange Gawsworth garden fencing. This garden fencing ’s open slatted design will allow the wind through, and it is also pressure treated which means it will last well when faced with wet and damp conditions.

Also, a type of fencing you might not have even considered is metal fencing for your garden. Our Wenlock and Montford designs of metal garden fencing will let the wind through, while also being very strong.

So if the wind is playing havoc with your garden fencing, maybe it is time to switch to metal garden fencing for that extra stability. But if you can’t bear the thought of changing from wooden garden fencing, the Grange Closeboard and Gawsworth garden fencing panels are well worth a look.

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