What makes a Great Playhouse?

What makes a Great Playhouse?

Now that I’ve grown-up (or at least become an adult!) I don’t tend to think about playhouses, or worry about where children like to play. But today I was looking at our kids playhouse section and started wondering, what makes a great playhouse? How do you go about choosing the right playhouse for your children?

Obviously the reader will know their children better than I do, and the playhouse should really be a reflection of their character. For the active, playful children we have options such as the command post playhouse and bunker playhouse, perfect for parents who would prefer their children waged war away from the house.

Or if the children prefer the Wild West and acting out the age old struggle between sheriffs and outlaws, or even cowboys and Indians, we have the Wild West Playhouse and Lookout Playhouse.

Finally, your child might not be looking for a playhouse for charging around, they might just want somewhere to call their own. We offer plenty of playhouses that really are a little house for children, my favourite being the Dutchstyle Barn Playhouse.

So I’ve not really been able to answer what makes a great playhouse, because all playhouses can be fantastic depending on who they are for. So have a good think about what your children will need in a playhouse and follow the link to browse our fantastic selection!

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Great Deals On Kids Playhouses!

Here at elbec we don’t just offer products for adults but we have some amazing deals for the kids!

Winter has nearly gone and summer is arriving so get the kids playing in the garden fast!
A perfect product which can fit the job is the ‘5' x 5' Shire Kitty Playhouse’. This wonderful playhouse will definitely make a great den providing hours of endless fun for the children and the Kitty playhouse will look great in the garden too.

This great playhouse comes with a large opening criss cross window and matching door making it bright and airy. The 1ft verandah not only finishes off this playhouse it provides shade in thosesummer months and shelter in those cooler months.

Parents can have peace of mind with safety glass fitted as standard throughout the playhouse. Another important feature is tongue and groove wall and floor construction throughout which not only looks pretty but keeps all the weather elements out the playhouse.

This amazing deal is only £209 but for a limited time only, the offer ends Thursday 31st March so don’t hang around!

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Little Tikes Playhouses

The little tikes playhouse range has just been added to our garden buildings site. Little tikes are an innovative range of plastic little tikes playhouses designed to promote development of children.

With many different little tikes playhouses to choose from you’ll be sure to find a little tikes playhouse perfect for your child or grandchild. Some of our larger wooden playhouses are not suitable for younger children like little tikes and this is where the little tikes range comes in. Little tikes come with a variety of little tikes features so you can be you’re your child will be entertained in there little tikes playhouse for hours and hours.

One of the best features of the little tikes playhouses is the price, starting from just £129 for the basic little tikes! So why not pick up a little tikes playhouse in time for Christmas? It’s not just your children that will be smiling because of the little tikes playhouse but also you wallet!


View the little tikes playhouse range

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Playhouses from elbec

Playhouses from Elbec.

You may have noticed that our children's playhouse section has just got bigger this week. Much bigger.

We believe Elbec now have the most attractive selection of playhouses on the internet. Playhouses at great value for girls and boys and playhouses from the very affordable Shire Bunny Playhouse to the amazing Lodge Playhouse.

We even have a playhouse that caters for a girl and boy with the crib playhouse which incorporates a garage.

There will be a playhouse for every young child, for every size of garden. Some of our playhouses have an option to be painted, some have an option for felt tiles, other playhouses have an option for log lap and some can be assembled. No need to try and find time for building your childrens dream playhouse, just take the assembly option and the dream playhouse will then become a dream for you to.

Playhouses from Elbec, please browse and if you have any questions just call us on 0800 019 3865. The Playhouses from elbec don’t just look great but they are at the best prices around and from the UKs top brands.

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The Playhouses have moved in, grab yours in time for Christmas!

There are some new kids on the block on our elbec garden buildings site, the playhouse range. A large range of playhouses have just been added! Whether you’re buying for a boy, a girl, old or young we have the playhouse for you and these playhouses can be yours in time for Christmas.

The shire bunny playhouse can be painted to fit anyone’s tastes, with its quality shiplap cladding and tongue and groove floor! Safety is important to elbec so we ensure that the bunny playhouse is fitted with safety hinges to prevent trapped fingers, this makes our playhouses more tear free than no more tears shampoo!

Imagine this, it’s mid battle, you are defending a small outpost in the middle of enemy territory, the only way you can stop certain doom is to work together. Now this isn’t a clip from a Tom Cruise film, but a common occurrence when you purchase our Shire Command post Playhouse! With water gun ports and observation points built in whether your defending the playhouse or making a swift retreat back inside, this playhouse really is hours of fun for you and your children!

So take a look at our new playhouse range and grab a bargain playhouse in time for Christmas. Remember if you can’t see a playhouse you like, keep checking back because more playhouses are being added every day!


View the Playhouse Range

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