Our Shire Log Cabins keep out the winter chill!

Our Shire Log Cabins keep out the winter chill!

Today I got the pleasure of leaving the office to visit a customer who bought a Shire log cabin from us. The weather had gotten cold and wet, so I wasn’t too enthusiastic about pottering around looking at a log cabin!

Indeed standing outside in a garden looking at the log cabin was rather chilly, but once we stepped inside I realised quite how pleasant a Shire log cabin can be! Without any kind of heater inside, the log cabin stayed warm and dry. It was easy to see that a log cabin can be used year round, not just in warm weather.

With plenty of space inside (and some pleasant decoration from the customer), the log cabin would have been a great place to spend a whole day. Sadly I didn’t get to spend all day, but the weather did pick up enough for me to appreciate the outside of the log cabin. Shire’s log cabins are sturdy and secure, while looking great in any garden.

If I had a simpler garden (sadly it’s on a massive slope), I would definitely go for a Shire log cabin. Shire offer such a wide range of sizes of log cabins that they will fit in practically any garden, and there is plenty of choice of log size to ensure your log cabin stays nice and warm.

So it was nice to see a great log cabin find a happy home, even if it did make me want my own log cabin. Of course if you have a suitable garden, you can head over to the log cabins section of the website right and find yourself a log cabin that will make me envious too!

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