Fantastic Log Cabins from Elbec

Right now at Elbec we have some fantastic log cabins for sale. Well not only right now, because really we always have great log cabins on offer, but the reason you should consider our log cabins now is that this is the perfect time of year to buy a log cabin.

Possibly the best reason to buy a log cabin now is that since we aren’t in the busy summer period of the year, your log cabin will be with you in next to no time!

Also you may have noticed the mild whether we are having (except the wind, but this is the UK!) which makes putting up a log cabin a very pleasant experience.

Another great reason to buy a log cabin now is that you will then have your log cabin up and ready for use all summer. This isn’t to say that our log cabins aren’t great in cold weather too, but we know most people enjoy their garden more in spring and summer.

With our friendly sales team free to talk through your options with, now is even a great time to discuss a bespoke log cabin. So whether you want a price for a log cabin of your own design or just some helpful advice on log cabins generally, you can give our sales team a call now on 0800 019 3865.

So really this is a great time to buy a log cabin, and there are so many reasons for buying a log cabin that it is pretty hard to see why you are reading this blog rather than browsing our selection of log cabins right now!

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