Wood, Plastic or Metal? Material considerations for your garden shed

When it comes to choosing the garden shed that is just right for you, many factors such as price, size, maintenance and durability may be taken into consideration, all of which are significantly affected by a shed’s material. In the world of garden sheds, there is only one question on the tip of everyone’s tongue: wood, plastic or metal?

Wooden sheds

The traditional wooden shed has been the mainstay of British gardens for hundreds of years. Despite requiring regular maintenance, wooden sheds are easily customised both externally and internally thanks to the flexibility of wood. If you’re a purist willing to put time, effort and care into your wooden shed, it will be an attractive asset to any garden space.

Plastic sheds

However, there is a strong case to be made in favour of purchasing a plastic shed. Plastic sheds can be used as extremely effective storage spaces, while requiring no regular maintenance. They’re much lighter weight, than the much heavier wood or metal alternatives. While they should be placed in a shaded area, plastic sheds are long lasting, because they come with a high UV resistance and weather proof features.

Metal sheds

But plastic sheds are not the only alternative to the traditional wooden shed: metal sheds are becoming increasingly popular as a result of their bargain price tags, the ease with which they can be assembled and the little or no maintenance they require. In addition, metal sheds come with the best available sizing options, ensuring great value for money.

Therefore, provided you’re willing to put in the time and care required, but wish to make storage attractive and want a garden shed which will augment the value of your property, then look no further than the traditional wooden shed.

However, the more contemporary plastic shed provides a maintenance-free, affordable and accessible answer to many storage problems. Users can effectively and easily store tons of items, all at a low monetary and time cost.
Alternatively, because they’re easy to assemble, very cheap and with the best sizing options available, look past the industrial exterior and a metal shed could be perfect for your garden storage needs.

10th August 2015

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