Give Your Garden That Certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi"

Give Your Garden That Certain "Je Ne Sais Quoi"

Looking for decorative fencing panels which remind you of a great holiday spent in France? That’s not as silly as it sounds.

Deciding whether to replace your fencing panels or squeeze in a sunshine break in France before the end of the Summer? It may be possible to do both with a range of fancy fencing from elbec named after French resorts, especially as the St Meloir, St Carne and St Lunairs fencing panels are currently available at a really hot price.

While you’re putting on the sun cream you can rest assured that the St Meloir panels have been pressure treated to provide protection against rot and fungal decay for up to ten years. With their elegant wavy tops and attractive integrated trellis, these decorative panels will let the sunshine into your garden for years to come.

Unlike some beach wear, the St Carne panels look great in any garden setting. They are smooth planed with dome tops and horizontal slats which have the natural beauty you get from using high quality wood.

You’ll catch everyone’s eye when you opt for St Lunairs diamond trellis fencing panels. These decorative panels will save you time as well as money because you can buy them ready painted in one of five colour finishes.

All of these French sounding garden fencing panels are made by Grange, a British company with 140 years of experience and a reputation for quality products.

So, before you pack your bags and head for St Meloir, St Carne or St Lunair, plan to come home to a set of attractively-priced, decorative garden panels from elbec.

8th September 2015

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