Playhouses For Boys

Playhouses For Boys

If you associate playhouses with girls you really should think again because there’s an adventurous range of playhouses available which have been designed with lads in mind.

Take the Jailhouse playhouse, for example, which resembles a lock-up from a cowboy film set. With rails to tether horses and a verandah to sit and guard prisoners it’s the ideal gift for imaginative youngsters. The Shire Wild West Jail House playhouse is currently on sale at £389.

The Shire Command Post playhouse is another excellent buy for boys at only £319. The Command Post has plenty of room, three fixed windows to spy out the land and two ports which open just in case the enemy (such as a sister) has to be kept at bay.

Whether for boys or girls, all wooden playhouses from elbec are built to a rigorous standard with lots of safety features and will last for years.

3rd December 2015

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