Large Log Cabins

Large Log Cabins

Much as you love your teenagers, you wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t admit that there are times when they and their friends get under your feet. It’s not that you want to banish them completely - after all, they’ll leave home for good soon enough - but if only there was a room where they could go so that the rest of the family could get on with everyday living.

The perfect answer could be a log cabin sited at the bottom of the garden and elbec has a number of models which would fit the bill.

Shire Kingswood

The Kingswood is big enough to take a tribe of teenagers who could either spread out inside the building or lounge around on the verandah while they put the world to rights.

Shire Kingswood Log Cabin

Think big - the 18ft x 20ft Shire Kingswood Log Cabin18ft x 20ft

Shire Elveden

The Elveden would work well as a den for teenagers, and with two rooms, it’s a really versatile building.  With space for messy hobbies, you’d never have to keep reminding your teenagers to tidy up at the end of the day. The second room would work well as a quiet or a noisy area, depending on mood or the time of day. Having two rooms is a real advantage and could be one of the reasons why this model is being used as a cricket pavilion in some parts of the country.

Shire Elveden Log Cabin

The 2 room Shire Elveden Log Cabin  - A spacious 14ft by 26ft

Shire Sherwood

The Sherwood is an attractive log cabin and, with its pretty verandah, would look good in any garden. Although the windows are made from toughened glass it is possible to upgrade them and have double glazing fitted which could be a useful addition if your teenagers are into noisy music. It’s such an attractive building that you may find that you prefer to leave your teenagers in their bedrooms while you and your partner enjoy some peace, quiet and quality time at the bottom of your garden.

 Shire Sherwood Log Cabin

The Shire Sherwood is a classy 20ft by 18 ft Log Cabin


So whether you want your children to temporarily vacant the house, or want to escape yourself, a log cabin will provide you with all the peace and quiet you need.

14th December 2015

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