A New Greenhouse For The New Year

A New Greenhouse For The New Year

Is your greenhouse ready for replacing? Now’s the ideal time to think about investing in a new greenhouse and you couldn’t do better than buying the Nison EaZi-Click 8 x 6 polycarbonate greenhouse from elbec. At only £569.99, there’s a saving of £80 against the MRRP.

With a free galvanised steel base, Nison polycarbonate greenhouses are sturdy, safe and will last for years. Polycarbonate greenhouses are remarkably easy to assemble as well as being easy to clean and maintain.

Families are sometimes put off having a greenhouse because of the potential dangers of children breaking the glass. Polycarbonate is not only safe but has other advantages including excellent insulation. And, unlike earlier versions, modern polycarbonates allow plenty of light in to the greenhouse.

Order your Nison 8ft x 6ft Greenhouse now for delivery in the New Year and don't forget the range of accessories, from automatic roof vents to staging, which will make your greenhouse even more productive and a pleasure to use. 

28th December 2015

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