Shire Elveden Log Cabin - More Than Just Garden Storage

Shire Elveden Log Cabin - More Than Just Garden Storage

The Shire Elveden Log Cabin has a whole plethora of uses, far beyond the remit of garden storage filled by your average shed. And as it’s made-to-order, it can fill any need you might have.

Built from slow grown Siberian and Scandinavian spruce timber, the materials used are only the best quality, giving tighter grain, less sap and fewer knots. Complete with tongue and groove construction and with the option of 44 or 70mm logs, you can have real confidence that your log cabin is sturdy, secure, robust and long-lasting.

As well as the option for extra thick log size, you can choose to have heavy duty roof tiles, toughened glass or double glazed windows, additional side windows and full assembly should you desire.

The Elveden comes with an inset porch and internal room divide, but this top quality log cabin can be made to measure for bespoke purposes. You have the option to include extra doors and room partitions, change the position and style of windows and doors, remove the porch or add an annexe and many other options. The Elveden comes in a spacious 14x26ft build, but other sizes are also available.

And with such generous space, the possibilities for use are endless.

Home use – Use the Elveden as a hideaway for your kids, dividing it into a lounge area and a games room. Have the workshop you’ve always dreamed of, complete with a studio to fine-tune and showcase your work. Transform your study and work from home in style and comfort.

Group use – Renovate your club’s cricket or bowls facilities by using the Elveden as a pavilion, adding an extra partition to give you a social area as well as home and away dressing rooms. Upgrade the facilities at your local youth club or community centre, providing an extra space to meet the needs of people in your area.

Wider use – Upgrade your school’s facilities by providing a unique new classroom, study space or social area. Give your business’s lunch facilities a makeover or turn the Elveden into a distinctive meeting room to impress potential clients.            

The first class quality of the Shire Elveden Log Cabin means that you can rest assured in the excellence of your purchase. And its bespoke nature means that it can truly fill any need you might have: the perfect log cabin, whatever its use.

And at a reduced price of £5699, a huge £1260 below RRP, there isn’t a better time to buy. Find out more about the Elveden here and order yours today!

13th July 2016

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