Make Sure You Love Your Garden

Make Sure You Love Your Garden

Did you catch last Tuesday’s episode of ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden’? Once again many of the products we sell were featured on the show, demonstrating how our wide range of items can spruce up any garden. Last Tuesday, in episode 4, we saw Caroline’s garden divided into themed sections using the Grange Urban Garden Arch from our professional range. Previous episodes have presented other unique garden displays that illustrate the versatility of the products we sell and show how you can create your own special space outdoors.

Can’t decide on just one theme for your outdoor space? Our website features many of the products which were seen on the show and can suit any taste.

Grange Urban Screen 180cm & 120cm

Grange’s Urban Screen can be strategically placed to divide your garden into different zones that give you the opportunity to create various moods.  The natural colour and sleek structure of the Urban Screen adds a modern touch that complements the natural surroundings of your garden.

Grange Urban Arch

The Urban Arch by Grange leads you from one section of your garden to another and adds plenty of character with its defining sharp lines. Want your Urban Arch to stand out even more? The Urban Arch is available in pre-painted colour options of Sage Green, Cornish Cream, Heritage Blue and Dove Grey.

Grange Fortress Driveway Gates

Do you remember how the ‘Love Your Garden’ team used the Grange Fortress Driveway Gates to maintain that feeling of privacy? The combination of the design layout with thick framework gives a contemporary feel without sacrificing the intimacy of your outdoor area. Individual attention is given to each of these gates thanks to their hand-assembly, so every gate has a personal touch and is made to an extremely high standard.

Grange Pale Infill Path Gate

Add some character to your garden with Grange’s Pale Infill Path Gate which maximises both style and visibility with its featured gaps. The simple yet classic design of the Pale Infill Path Gate has the ability to fit in with any garden and offer that extra security we all require.

So why don’t you go ahead and take a look at all these featured products on our website using the links below

1st August 2016

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