The Elite Greenhouse - Beat The February Price Increase

The Elite Greenhouse - Beat The February Price Increase

Greenhouses are a great investment for both keen gardeners and gardening novices. A greenhouse will take your passion to a new level or nurture the seedling of a hobby.

First and foremost, a greenhouse offers protection for your plants, many of which would not survive the cold months without over-wintering. Instead of leaving them to brave the cold winds or snow outside, why not bring your more delicate plants into a warm greenhouse and ensure they’ll last through to the next year? This will save you time and money because you won’t have to sow new seeds again next year.

A greenhouse also allows you to grow your own vegetables, another wallet saving strategy! Freshly grown vegetables have a great taste and as the producer, you have control and can be certain that you’re not eating any pesticides or other chemicals with your Sunday roast. You also have the freedom to choose what to grow, so you can experiment with more exotic fruits or grow out of season vegetables and enjoy your favourites all year round.  If you really take to it, why not consider selling at a farmers’ market and recoup the cost of your greenhouse week by week?

With so many reasons to buy a greenhouse, surely the only thing left to consider is its size and colour? Browse the Elite greenhouse collection, which includes freestanding and lean-to greenhouses in a choice of coloured or aluminium finish, and find the perfect model for your garden.

Elite’s greenhouse prices are increasing by 10% on 1st February 2017, so you need to order by 31st January to beat the price increase.


27th January 2017

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