The Curvacious Mercia Summerhouse

The Curvacious Mercia Summerhouse

The Mercia Helios Summerhouse is a stunning contemporary designed garden building with all year round purpose currently on offer for £1,160.00

You’ll love how spacious the summerhouse is, leaving plenty of room for relaxing in the summer and will be perfect for storage in the winter. The windows are glazed with environmentally friendly styrene to allow plenty of light and an added safety measure, making the summerhouse ideal for hobbies.

The 10x10 summerhouse walls are built from high quality, FSC certified timber. It uses specially designed Tongue and Groove cladding to give the summerhouse multifunctional purposes; its water resistance makes it durable whilst maintaining an appealing aesthetic to suit your garden. All the timber has been treated with water based timber treatment and comes with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

The abstract curved roof offers a very stylish design and is constructed from T and G cladding, leaving no sharp edges and promoting water runoff from both the floor and roof.

High quality floor joists give it a solid sturdy feel, allowing for a greater load capacity. This means it maintains its stunning design while still retaining its strength, which is ideal if you want to store items over winter.

This beautiful and stylish summerhouse comes with 6 styrene clear glazed windows, T and G walls and a double door. All the parts are delivered flat-packed with easy to follow instructions along with the fittings and sand mineral roofing felt. 

The Mercia Helios summerhouse comes with lots of space allowing room to do whatever activates or hobbies you want all year round, no matter what the weather!

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10th February 2017

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