The Forest Tree Seat

The Forest Tree Seat

Looking for something to add some extra charm to your garden and turn a feature into a real talking point? Consider making your favourite tree the centrepiece of your garden by adding a Tree Seat from Forest today.

Perfect for almost any garden location, the half round Tree Seat will bring any tree to life, providing comfortable seating for 3 people.  If you have the space, why not purchase two for a complete circle that will really highlight the centrepiece of your garden and provide seating for up to 6?

Relax in the shade with a good book and a cool drink in the summer, sit and enjoy the vibrant colours of your garden in the autumn and spring, or simply take the weight off your feet to remove those muddy boots with ease. We are certain a Tree Seat from Forest will be a stylish and practical addition to your outdoor space all year round.

The elegant wood finish is a timeless classic to suit any garden style, and we are confident that a Tree Seat will make the perfect addition to any garden. Alternatively, personalise your Forest Tree seat by staining or painting to best suit your personal style and taste. Either way, you’ll love how it looks once you decide on that perfect spot.

Of course, most customers will choose a tree as the ideal location for the Tree Seat. But don’t let the name limit your creativity. A Tree Seat will make any garden feature stand out. Why not make the most of a statue, sundial or sculpture by making it the perfect spot to sit, relax and enjoy the rest of your garden?

Add some extra charm to your garden with a Forest Tree Seat from elbec today.


2nd November 2017

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