How To Personalise Your Playhouse

How To Personalise Your Playhouse

Want to make your playhouse feel like home? When you buy a playhouse from elbec you can customise it to suit the children who play in it, and also to compliment your garden.

Paint is perhaps the most striking way to personalise your playhouse. If you need inspiration for a colour scheme, combining your children’s favourite colours will create a beautiful shared space that reflects their personalities. Make sure you use a water-based top coat, which will prevent weathering and prolong its life.

Why not give your playhouse a fun name to match its theme or let your child label it as their own den? A door sign is a less permanent addition that can still give your playhouse character.

Toys bring any playhouse to life, really making it a place to have fun. While children are getting used to the playhouse, introducing favourite toys will help them enjoy the new space, especially younger children. Extra decorations like bunting or other ornaments also make pretty customisable elements.

If you’re feeling bold and want to fulfil your child’s wildest playtime dreams, all of these personal touches can come together to make your playhouse a themed roleplay area. Playhouses with hatches, such as the Forest Basil Duo Playhouse, make great play cafés. Adding a play oven and table can help to make a game of ‘chef’ come to life.

For adventurous children, a jungle theme works especially well for raised playhouses, like the Forest Sage Tower Playhouse. Hanging vine decorations, green paint, jungle animal toys and binoculars can make the perfect explorer’s hideaway treehouse.

Our quirky Wild West Playhouse is the ultimate setting for a game of Cowboys and Indians. Finishing touches like a hobby horse resting on the veranda and a dressing up box with accessories could help the kids (and adults) get into character!

Dreaming of a more classic playhouse theme? If you decorate your playhouse to look like a miniature cottage, it will keep its charm for years to come. This will create a versatile playhouse to outlast children’s changing tastes and add fairy-tale fun to your garden.

Purchase your playhouse at elbec today and the joy of personalisation awaits.

27th November 2017

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