Delamere Log Cabin With Side Store

Delamere Log Cabin With Side Store

Looking for a stylish log cabin which includes extra storage space as standard? Check out the Mercia Delamere Log Cabin which gives you plenty of space to relax plus a secure, windowless area for items you want to keep out of view.

This practical approach to using space could be ideal if you have a smallish garden and can’t accommodate both a log cabin and a shed. The Delamere offers both in an attractive building which will look just right wherever it is sited in your garden.

The sitting part of the cabin is well lit with full length double doors, an opening side window and sufficient room to welcome friends whatever the weather. It’s equally ideal if you just want somewhere comfortable to curl up on your own with a good book, or to use as a home office.

The storage area offers plenty of secure space for keeping valuable items neat and tidy when they are not in use. Both the living and storage elements blend harmoniously and you have the option of reversing them so that the building works well wherever it is sited in your garden.

The Delamere Log Cabin is well made and includes a number of quality features such as sturdy floor bearers which provide additional support and help to protect the building from damp and rot – especially important if you are storing garden furniture during the winter months. The Delamere stands out among log cabins as a practical, attractive and cost effective way of delivering both social and storage space in one unit.

Tempted? The Delamere Log Cabin can be yours within 5-28 working days and there is an option to book a professional team who will assemble the building for you if you’re not convinced you have the requisite skills to do it yourself. Still have questions? That’s fine. Contact us by email or phone and we’ll be more than happy to answer your queries.


14th March 2018

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