Whitby Arches And Arbour

Whitby Arches And Arbour

Whitby, whaleboats and whalebones go together; but would you expect such connections to feature in your garden? Perhaps surprisingly, you should, and here at elbec we think you’ll be really delighted with the result. Let us explain.

The Whitby range from Forest Garden are a set of attractive, matching garden features inspired by a pair of whale jawbones which have intrigued visitors to the seaside town of Whitby for decades. The range includes the Whitby Arch, the Whitby Arbour, and the Whitby Extended Arch.

Made from mixed softwood which has been pressure treated to protect against rot for 15 years, the curved posts of the Whitby range have been achieved by carefully cutting and laminating the timbers, and the strong section rails make these garden structures ideal for supporting a range of climbing plants.

The Whitby Arch is perfect for adding a striking feature to your garden. With thick section rails 76cm deep, this arch is ideal for training even the most demanding of climbing plants, so you can create your own gorgeous garden centrepiece. The width between the arch posts is 1.4m so there’s plenty of room for all your garden equipment to get through. Even when set into the ground, the arch stands over 2m high, making a dramatic visual statement in any style of garden.

Those of you with larger gardens may prefer the Whitby Extended Arch, a deeper version of the original arch at 150cm deep. This is ideal if you want to create an area which provides greater shade from climbing plants, or if you’re planning a more adventurous planting scheme.

Also available is the Whitby Arbour, a version of the arch which includes a bench across the width. The seat is raised off the floor slightly and is hinged so that you can store items such as cushions inside. However, the storage area is not watertight so be aware it may not be suitable for all your storage needs during the winter months.

All products in the Whitby range come flat packed with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. All the fixings are included and construction should be quick and simple – plus, delivery is free to all parts of the mainland.

Install a Whitby Arch or Arbour and you will be able to combine the strength of a whale with a planting scheme that makes your garden very special and unique. Order yours today! 

3rd August 2018

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