Customer Stories: The Shire Jersey Apex Shed

Customer Stories: The Shire Jersey Apex Shed

Looking for a spacious garden shed that’s adaptable to your needs? Whether it’s storage, a workshop, or even an outdoor reception area you want, the Shire Jersey Apex Shed is a great option, and our customers think so too. Take a look at the images and reviews below:

Sara sent us this picture of her newly-assembled Shire Jersey Apex Shed, and we think it looks great. The large windows will let in plenty of sunlight, and it matches perfectly with the bench and table outside.

“It was easy to put together, looks amazing, and we are very happy. Thank you!”

One great thing about the Jersey is that all of the wall panels are interchangeable, meaning they can be positioned on any side and at different points along the shed walls. This makes the shed highly adaptable to your needs and those of your garden.

Sara has arranged her windows to be next to each other along the same wall, allowing daylight to flood in from that side and light up the whole room. This is ideal if you’re using the Jersey as a workshop or outdoor playroom, because it maximises the natural light available and can ensure there are large stretches of wall for shelving or larger equipment.

We absolutely love what John has done with his Shire Jersey Apex Shed. This is a great example of how painted and unpainted wood can look brilliant together, and the colour scheme works beautifully with the rest of his garden.

John also let us know about some extra fittings he added to make the Jersey truly his: “The floor panels and walls are insulated with 30mm polystyrene with electrics threaded through the structure, then panelled with 9mm OSB and 73mm guttering fitted.”

This is a great example of how accommodating and customisable the Shire Jersey Apex Shed is, able to be adapted to perfectly suit your needs. This shed is also amazing value for money, meaning that additional fittings like John’s can still result in a low-cost final result.

Interested in getting your own Shire Jersey Apex Shed? Take a look at the product page for more information, and order yours today!

10th August 2018

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