Sheds Are No Longer Humble

There is a lot happening in the shedsworld at the moment. Men Sheds organisations are popping up all over the country. It is an idea that has been popular in Australia for many years and is now over here. Men folk get together in a shed (although usually a cabin) and share their skills to generally make or repair all sorts of things, adding value to the local community. 

A Men's shed club due to open in Oswestry

“Is offering an opportunity for men of any age with time on their hands to get themselves out of the house and meet new people; welcoming men who may feel isolated or lonely because of divorce, bereavement, retirement or job redundancy to come along, socialise and help to make a difference in the community.”

There are at least a hundred of these clubs in the UK now, and it has been reported that there may be health benefits to joining them. If this interests you why not look to see if there is a men’s shed organisation near you or even start one.

Don’t think the ladies are missing out though, as “She sheds” are booming where sheds are transformed into magnificent hobby homes at the bottom of the garden with all the trimmings and comforts a lady might expect. 

Think of sheds, you automatically think of garden storage for gardening tools and barbeques etc.

The Lancaster news reported a chap from Lancaster has taken the once humble garden shed much further. His backyard shed has been used as a concert stage after his dad likened the shed to a bandstand.

So he held a concert in his back yard with live music and a 100 folk fed with smoked pork from a truck at the front of his home.

We would love to see some pictures of the more unusual uses of the garden shed.

If you would like to share please email: 

23rd July 2015

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