Customer Stories: The Shire Mimosa Arbour

Customer Stories: The Shire Mimosa Arbour

Our solid yet classically elegant Shire Mimosa Arbour is a beautiful way to relax and enjoy the sun – but don’t just take our word for it. Take a look at these wonderful pictures sent in by our customers, and decide for yourself:

Roy has done a lovely paint job on his Shire Mimosa Arbour, and we think it’s in the perfect spot. A wonderful place to enjoy the sunshine from the comfort of the shade, Roy’s Mimosa makes the ideal seat for reading or enjoying the garden with a friend.

Those side trellis sections make great windows to view a wider portion of the garden, but their heavy-duty nature means they also suit climbing plants. Strong, stylish and versatile – what more could you ask for?

Here’s a birthday celebrated in style! This beautifully painted Shire Mimosa Arbour was sent in by Nicki Parrot, who was clearly very proud of this decorating job for her Dad’s birthday (though the paint or the banners, we’re not sure – probably both!).

The gorgeous green here means the Mimosa fits in wonderfully with the plant life around it, and those white highlights are really picked out by the sunlight.

Not only is this tasteful arbour a great addition to your garden, but it’s quick and easy to assemble too. Take a look at our time-lapse assembly video on our YouTube channel to see the professionals at work.

Interested in getting hold of your own Shire Mimosa Arbour? Then visit the product page for more information and order today!

24th August 2018

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