Customer Stories: The Shire Playhut Playhouse

Customer Stories: The Shire Playhut Playhouse

The popular Shire Playhut Playhouse is always making our customers (and their kids) smile, and we love receiving photos and reviews from people who are enjoying the new addition to their gardens. Take a look at the stories below to see why the Playhut could be for you:

Emma was lucky enough to be a winner in one of our monthly competitions, and sent us this great picture of the little ones enjoying their brand new Shire Playhut Playhouse. Looks like they’re having fun!

The Playhut is a great first playhouse, being small and simple (look how neatly it tucks away into that tight corner), but it’s also relatively cheap and comes with lots of little details that make it great value. It even includes a floor!


Caroline’s made great use of the space in her Shire Playhut Playhouse, painting the inside a pale colour to help bring the summer daylight in, and leaving plenty of space to let the children’s imaginations run wild.

The family photos add a wonderful bit of personality and style, and we love the curtains she’s put in the window, too.

Now here’s an unusual one – playhouses for bunnies! Sharon’s made great use of these three Playhuts, painting them to match, and even adding a little rabbit to them.

The Shire Playhut Playhouse has piano hinges on its window and door to prevent trapped little fingers when in use by children, as well as styrene window panes for added peace of mind, but it turns out these are great safety measures for adults and pets too!

Want to create and enjoy your own Shire Playhut Playhouse? Check out the product page for more information.

7th September 2018

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