Need A Log Cabin In A Hurry?

Need A Log Cabin In A Hurry?

Looking for a log cabin to use over Christmas? Perhaps you need extra space for entertaining, somewhere for the kids to chill away from the adults or room to accommodate visitors who will be staying over.

Don’t despair because elbec can deliver a Shire log cabin within seven working days.

Shire log cabins are well made and come in a variety of styles. In fact there are 20 different types of log cabin available and delivered within seven working days. These include three different corner log cabins, the Bourne which has side storage, and the Bradenham, a log cabin which doubles as a garage.

All Shire log cabins are built to last and made from high quality spruce which is more durable than pine, the wood of choice for the majority of manufacturers. Shire is one of the oldest established manufacturers of garden buildings with a fantastic range, of which log cabins are but a part. All Shire products are made near Wisbech, Lincolnshire using the most up to date machinery to ensure quality products which are excellent value for money.

If you are looking for a well-made, sensibly priced log cabin and want to use it in a hurry, have a look at our Quick Delivery Log Cabins. You’ll find plenty of models to choose from with log cabins of different dimensions to suit every type of garden. And there’s even an option to buy your log cabin with either a felt or a tile roof.

But most importantly, elbec is currently the only manufacturer able to offer a fantastic range of quality log cabins which can be delivered to the UK mainland within seven working days. What’s stopping you?

30th November 2018

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