Making Summer Last All Year Round With A Summerhouse

Making Summer Last All Year Round With A Summerhouse

Ok it’s raining, summer seems to have gone into sleep mode, and your first thought?

Summers over, its cold lets go back into the house and hibernate. It’s so easy to fall into those negative vibes; yet you can still enjoy the great outdoors.

This is the time when a summerhouse will come into its own. Wood is a natural insulator and just by looking at it brings a feel good factor and the feeling of warmth.

With a covering of rainwater the garden looks alive and fresh and is a great time to view the garden in its entire splendor. Flowers, especially white flowers look particularly radiant on dull days where they shimmer, reflecting what little light there is, in great contrast to the surrounding grayness. It’s amazing how flowers illuminate on dull days or when the sun sets; it’s magnificent to experience.

A summerhouse is your own sanctuary where you can sit outside, sheltered from the wind and drizzle, experiencing the real beauty of your garden and enjoying the inclement weather from the comfort of your garden, making summer last all year round, perhaps with a pot of tea and a friend or two.

25th July 2015

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