Garden Bar Trends For This Summer

Garden Bar Trends For This Summer

Garden bar trends for this summer

It’s a trend that’s long surpassed lockdown and is here to stay: the garden as an entertainment space. With so much to look forward to this year including the Jubilee, we’re all in the mood for a garden party. Pop a cork and get the whole family round with our garden bar ideas.

What’s driving the garden bar trend?
Since 2021, interest in garden pubs as an outdoor space has rocketed by an incredible 494%. Driven by a need to entertain at home, followed by increasing costs of going out, the at-home drinks station has taken centre stage.

Looking for ideas to style your outdoor bar? Choose a trend based on your theme, space and budget.

Versatile garden shed spaces
Like outdoor entertaining, working from home is also here to stay. That’s why we’re creating versatile spaces in our gardens – from dividing seating areas to using multi-purpose outdoor bars. If yours is a larger garden, consider ‘zoning off’ areas, such as a drinks station, bar area and seating around a firepit.

Got a smaller space? No problem. A garden shed with both a workspace and bar area helps us transition from work life to home life easily. Our Paradise Pent Garden Bar and Store offers a roomy retreat with a hatch for serving drinks.

Tropical Tiki bars
Stuck in the passport queues? Bring the tropical vibes to your garden with this summer’s Tiki bar trend. Accessorise yours with bunting, coconuts and artificial flowers to bring a taste of Hawaii to your home. This pressure treated Mercia Garden Bar offers carte blanche for you to adorn in your favourite tropical themes. Why not hang a few bar signs to beckon your guests?

Remember to keep things toasty as Britain can’t quite deliver the same standards as the Tropics. Add a patio heater or chiminea: all of the warmth with none of the tropical storms.

All-weather seating areas
There’s nothing like the unpredictable, great British weather. But that’s not stopping us optimistic Brits, and we’ve developed products to withstand year-long weather conditions. L-shaped sofas and outdoor rugs allow us to enjoy our gardens in both the summer and winter months.

As for garden bars, you’ll want a well-treated wood finish that can withstand Mother Nature’s worst. There’s no need to pack away the bar stools, either. This handy Shire Garden Bar and Store features a stylish overhanging roof for when clouds start to gather.

Taking the indoors outdoors
As our love for interior design grew throughout the pandemic, so too did our love for the garden. Many homeowners are uniting both by taking the indoors outdoors – from the abovementioned rugs and couch seating to the décor.

There’s no need to limit your garden aesthetic to biophilic browns and greens. Bring the contemporary touch of your kitchen to the outdoors with this Shiplap Pent Forest Garden Bar. The monochrome design acts as a continuation of modern kitchens, ideal for sophisticated garden parties.

Maximising space
With more urban environments taking on the garden party vibes, there’s no need to hold back if you’re short on space. Position your bar area in the corner with a simple side entrance for easy access. Our garden bars also double up as storage space during the winter months, so you can keep those ice buckets tucked away.

Posted by Marilyn Elliott
27th May 2022

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