How To Decorate A Garden Fence Panel

How To Decorate A Garden Fence Panel

Decorating a garden fence can be a difficult ordeal. You want to ensure that it’s something you're proud to look at, matches the garden aesthetic, and shows off a bit about yourself. With spring in a few months, preparing your garden for the sun would be best for hosting barbeques and garden parties! These garden fence ideas will help you find your ideal fence decorations.

A Classy Paint Job

When coming up with fence decorating ideas, your first thought may be painting your fence. This is an excellent starting point, as painting your fence can go a long way in really making the garden look fresh and fit the overall design. You can go with a natural aesthetic using different ranges of bark brown or make it blend in with the rest of the garden and go for a neutral green, we would recommend our Protek Paints. If you’re looking for a modern fence, you could save yourself the time of painting the fence yourself by purchasing our modern slatted fence panels.

However, there are some other fun ways to paint your fence to make interesting patterns that are more than satisfying when done well! This would be something like having 2-3 complementing colours and having them painted over the fence to make an interesting feature on your garden fence. 

Hanging Fence Ornaments

Having fence ornaments ideas can be hard to settle on, but a garden fence with vertical panels or slatted would be perfect for hanging fence decorations. Using pegs, you can hang potted plants, garden tools or lights. For some more fence ornaments ideas, you could include wreaths, banners or even hanging candles to give your garden a bit of a comforting aesthetic. 

If you’re looking for a panelled or slatted garden fence, we provide contemporary slatted fence panels that will fit perfectly with any type of garden they’re the same on both sides and you'll keep your neighbour happy!

Decorative Fence Styles

Another bright way to mix up your garden fence would be to add different materials. This could include using a woven fence, bamboo, brick, and even rock materials. Using a woven fence or bamboo can help with privacy from neighbours, as they are a little thicker. They can also help divide your garden to make little secluded areas that give a cosy vibe. 

Incorporating brick and rock materials into your fence could help in modernising your garden fence. Have a look at our 4ft contemporary fence panels to see how they can be used cohesively to make a classy garden fence.

For Screening

Give a little extra privacy by utilising fencing panels to screen and divide your garden into different zones.  The slatted fence panels work really well for this job Forest Slatted Fence Panel.

Let Your Fence Decorate Itself

As mentioned before, decorating a garden fence can be a difficult ordeal. An easy way to remedy this would be to let nature take its course. This is where you can let ivy grow across your fence to really give your garden that natural aesthetic. The only downside is that this process will take a bit of time. However, the reward can definitely be worth it!

A perfect fence for letting ivy grow would be our Europa Prague Fence panels, as they have a beautiful cross panelling at the top for ivy to grow through and drape down the fence.

Posted by Marilyn Elliott
20th February 2023

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