Summerhouse Floors

Which type of floor is best for your summerhouse; tongue and groove or OSB?

Tongue and groove floors look nicer than an OSB floor, if you are looking to leave the floor of your summerhouse uncovered going for the tongue and groove floor is definitely worth it.

Walk on a tongue and groove floor in your summerhouse and it may tend to bounce a little, especially if floor bearers under the floor are few and far between. An OSB floor in your garden shed or summerhouse feels much sturdier when walking on it and is probably better for supporting heavier items.

A tongue and groove floor should last for years even if it gets wet. An OSB floor will also last for years unless it becomes saturated with water. Although OSB is water resistant, if it gets very wet it will deteriorate, but because it's inside your summerhouse getting wet should not be an issue.

If you really do not like the appearance of OSB, it does paint very well or you could cover it will another flooring material.

So which should you go for? In our opinion go for OSB if you are looking to keep the price of your summerhouse down. However if you are looking for the most attractive option, tongue and groove is really the way to go.