Uses of Log Cabins

An elbec log cabin has a wide variety of potential uses, from the common and obvious, to some that are a little more unique.

One of the main reasons people buy a log cabin is to transform it into an office. This makes sense if you perhaps don’t have a spare room, if you work from home, or simply just want somewhere quiet to retreat to escape home life.

Staying in is being touted as the new going out, so how about using your log cabin as a home cinema? Although this sounds expensive, surprisingly it’s not, and prices are coming down all the time. And our cabins are hugely discounted at the moment. An outside home cinema would offer something different to your property and you can beat the credit crunch by watching a movie at home!

An alternative idea would be to make your cabin into a playroom. It can give you a much needed breather from kids charging around the house, because they can play in the cabin instead! With a wide variety of cabins in all different sizes there’s bound to be one for you.

Another interesting idea is to use your cabin as a studio. If one of your hobbies is art and painting, then an outdoor log cabin would provide a perfect place to relax and paint without any disturbances. And looking out at your garden could give you extra inspiration.

How about transforming your log cabin into a home gym? Granted, it’s not going to be a giant area with all the latest machinery and exercises for every single muscle, but a 16x13 cabin contains plenty of space for all the basic equipment you need to stay in tip top shape. Buying an exercise bike or treadmill, coupled with a mat area and some dumbells would save you a lot of money on expensive gym membership.

A final idea is to just simply fit it with a fridge, a few tables and chairs or a sofa and you can have a chill out area where you'd be proud to invite friends. Imagine sitting with a nice glass of wine or a cold beer, looking out at your garden as the sun shines down.