What to Consider When Buying a Shed

Apart from the obvious ie whether you would like a wooden shed or a metal shed or even a plastic one what should I be thinking about?

Why do I want a Garden Shed?

The first question you need to ask yourself is what am I going to use my shed for. Will it be storage?. Are you looking for something practical; something that looks good in the garden maybe; or maybe you might prefer a place to relax, or somewhere to entertain or somewhere to pursue a hobby or for work. Maybe you need it for a home gym, whatever the use Elbec will have the answer for you.

Will a shed be suitable or maybe a summerhouse or even a log cabin. Summerhouses and Log cabins have the advantage that they are more versatile than a standard garden shed and can be used for a multitude of purposes. They will be more expensive than a shed but if it is a feature in your garden you are looking for then the cost will be more than worth it.

Location, Location, Location

Well you need to decide where you would like it to go in the garden.
Is there an obvious spot for it? Will it simply be replacing an existing shed or summerhouse?
A shed is not used all year round so you don’t want to be squelching up and down a sodden lawn, so think about how you will access the shed in wet weather.

Think about the neighbours do you think they will object.? They can if the height from ground level to ridge is more than 2.5m (8ft 2”) and within 2.0m (6ft 6”) of their boundary and you would need planning permission if that was the case.

When the shed is delivered can it be delivered to where the shed will be assembled?
Some properties only have access through the house, in which case if you are going for a shed larger than 6 x 4 then you will need to choose a modular shed from our Shire or Shed Baron collection. Our modular sheds have smaller panels making up a wall. For instance if you choose a 10ft shed it may have 3 panels making up the 10ft wall which means they can be easily handled by one person and taken directly through your house.

Shed Type

Ok so you have decided on a location. Now what type of shed do you require to make the most of the chosen spot. Will it be going into a corner in which case you should choose from elbec ’s selection of corner sheds.

If you want the shed to compliment other buildings such as your house, then go for an apex.

Will it be going against a wall? A pent shed would be a good option here from Elbec’s collection.

Doors and Windows

Think about where the door will go, can you open the door. Which way does the door need to open. So when choosing a shed, make sure the door will be in the right position for you. All our sheds can have hinges fitted on either side of the door.

Where will the windows be. Again all Elbec sheds windows can be fitted on both sides of an apex or in various configurations in a pent.

Size matters

If you think you will need a 6 x 4 garden shed well try and fit an 8 x6 garden shed instead. You know how it is. Whatever size you think you need now, in a year or two you will want a bigger one.
If you are thinking of a 10 x 6 try for a 10 x 8 garden shed.

Why do I say this? I am talking from experience here. I bought a 8 x 6 shed then realized I couldn’t fit in everything I wanted to. I decided to replace it with a 10 x 6 shed ; but what use is an extra 2ft in length I hear you say. That wont make a difference will it?. Ah but it will as it gives you an extra 12sq feet of space (that’s 6ft x 2ft for us non mathematicians)

So in the space of 18 months I had wasted money on a smaller shed that I simply didn’t need. So the moral of the story is go for the biggest garden shed that your garden will sensibly take and save yourself some money.


How much do you have to spend. Elbec cater for all budgets. All our sheds are great quality. The cheapest ones in our range are the overlap range and they provide a lot of storage area for the lowest prices around.

You can pay a little more then for extra features such as opening windows, locking doors, joinery windows. If you are not thinking of moving house and you want your shed to last and last we recommend you go for the top end of your budget.


We need to put in on a firm base. A concrete or slab base is best. Some of our buildings have the option of a portabase which can be put directly onto a level ground . If thje base is not solid the shed will move and you will end up with a wonky shed; windows and doors will become difficult to close.