Fencing Accessories

Fencing Posts

Normally you will need 1 more post than the number of panels (4 panels requires 5 posts etc). On the majority of our fencing panels you will have the choice of concrete or timber posts. Generally, concrete posts provide extra strength, while timber posts are slightly easier to handle and install.

Post Caps

You can purchase post caps to fix on top of posts to give added durability. These are not a necessity, however the top of the post is generally the most vulnerable part to weathering and therefore the extra protection can help ensure you get the maximum possible life from your posts. If you choose to order caps, you will require one per post.

Optional Gravel Boards

Gravel boards allow you to raise your fencing panels off the ground to protect them from damp and therefore increase their lifespan. On most of our panels we offer the option of pressure treated timber or concrete gravel boards, both will offer the same protection to the fence panels and so often it is a case of choosing which you think will match your fencing and posts the best. You will need 1 gravel board per panel.

Panel / Gravel Board Clips

Panel clips can be nailed or screwed to the post to allow the fence panels to be slid into place. For 3ft and 4ft fencing we recommend that you order 4 clips per panel. For 5ft and 6ft fencing we recommend 6 clips per panel. All gravel boards need just 2 gravel board clips, one for each side. We will automatically send the correct size of panel clips for the fencing you have chosen.

Post Fixing Options

There are 3 different types of post fixing which you should use according to which will suit the ground you are going to be attaching them to. Drive in spikes are designed to be used on soft ground, you drive the spiked part into the ground and then the post is able to slot into the top. Bolt down shoes are designed for their base to be bolted to a solid surface such as a wall or paved area, the post then slots into the top. Concrete in shoes are designed to be placed into concrete as it sets, this method is particularly for harder ground that the spikes will not easily go into, again the post will simply slot into the top. If you choose to order fixing options, you will need one per post.

Optional Drive-In Tool

As the drive in spikes have to be driven quite firmly into the ground, we offer a drive in tool to go with them that can be placed inside the spike to ensure it is not damaged as it is hammered into the ground. Generally you will only need one drive in tool for an entire order of drive in spikes.


Where possible, we offer gates in matching styles for our fencing panels. For your convenience, these gates are listed within the fence panel options. If you can’t see the right gate for you listed on the fence panel page, please do browse through our full, extensive range of gates.