Garden Structures

All of our garden structures are sourced from a few experienced suppliers who we know we can trust to provide you with a high quality product for a very reasonable price.


Arbours are designed to provide nice sheltered seating for you to enjoy your garden from. When picking a site for yours, take care to think about which areas of your garden catch the most sun and whether you would prefer to spend more of your time sat in the sun or shade. The design of corner arbours means that their seating area tends to spend much more time in the shade than a standard arbour, whereas with most other arbours you can simply change the amount of sun they will catch by changing the direction they are facing.


Garden arches are a popular way of adding an attractive extra feature to a garden, generally used to span a path or an entranceway. Always make sure you but plenty of thought into how high or wide the arch needs to be, you don't want to end up with a gap that is too small for you to use.


Gazebos generally feature a solid roof to make a very sheltered little area of your garden, ideal for for some seats and maybe a table. You will find a wide variety of different side panels in gazebos, with some being left very open while others might have a few solid panels for extra shelter. What is right for you will often depend on your garden, if you catch more of the wind you might want to go for a more solid gazebo whereas if your garden already usually stays more still and tranquil a more open gazebo is likely to be right for you.


Pergolas are used to provide shelter for large areas of a garden at a time. Keen gardeners might like to use them for climbing plants which can help span the gaps to provide a very natural feeling shelter.


These special versions of pergolas include a fabric canopy that can provide total shade for the area underneath the pergola. Particularly popular for dining areas, the retractable canopy allows you to quickly change between sitting in the sun and sitting in the shade (British weather permitting, of course!)