Greenhouse Options


Greenhouses come with either horticultural, toughened or polycarbonate glazing. Any greenhouse you select will have one type of glazing as standard, but may also offer you the choice of upgrading or changing your glazing. Horticultural glazing is generally the most common type used and is suitable for the vast majority of people. Toughened glass and polycarbonate glazing are a safer alternative as they are less dangerous when smashed or broken, they are particularly suitable for those customers with children.

Manual Roof Vents

Most of our greenhouses will already have roof vents included as standard, these will be listed in the “Detailed Specification” of the product page. If you feel there are not enough roof vents as standard, most of our greenhouses will also offer the option add additional vents to your order.

Automatic Roof Vent Kits

If you have a manually operated roof vent included with your greenhouse, you can turn this into an automatically opening roof vent with an automatic roof vent kit. The automatic openers are temperature controlled and can be set to open the vent when the temperature inside the greenhouse gets above a certain level.

Louvre Vents

Louvre vents are slatted side panels that can be opened to allow airflow into the greenhouse. Many of our greenhouses already include a louvre vent, and most offer the option to add more.

Automatic Louvre Vent Kits

The automatic louvre vent kit is an opener that will open the vent when the temperature inside the greenhouse gets above a certain level.

Staging / Shelving

We offer a wide range of staging and shelving options for our greenhouses, with our package deals including staging and shelving units as standard. Please check the description on the product page to find out what is included with your greenhouse, and check the options when purchasing to see what additional units you can add.

Rainwater Collection Kits

Most of our greenhouses have integral gutters, the rainwater collection kits include a downpipe that will allow you to collect rainwater from the gutters.

Barrel 100lt or 210lts

If you have a rainwater collection kit, a barrel will provide somewhere convenient for the downpipe to deposit water into. There is then a tap on the front of the barrel for you to get the water out.


We have a few different heating options available for many of our greenhouses, generally the bigger the greenhouse you are ordering the more powerful a heater you will want to go for.

Coloured Bar Capping

Bar capping clips onto the greenhouse frame outside the glazing and offers a few different advantages. The bar capping helps protect the edges of the glazing for a more secure fit and also provides a neat finish to the greenhouse. Bar capping cannot usually be used with horticultural glazing.