Log Cabins

All of our log cabins are delivered untreated in individual logs. You should wait until after assembling to treat the building as the logs might become more difficult to slot together once they have absorbed the treatment.

Log Thickness

We offer log cabins in a wide range of log thicknesses, and this is a key feature to consider when choosing your log cabin. If you are looking to use your cabin as a summerhouse type building where you will be spending your time on warm, sunny days, the 19mm and 28mm log thicknesses are likely to provide as much insulation as you require. However if you are looking for a building you can use all year round, you might want to look at a larger log thickness to help retain as much heat as possible.

Felt Roof Tiles

All of our log cabins are supplied with rolls of felt as standard with felt roof tiles available as an upgrade on almost all of them. The rolls of felt do everything that is required in terms of protecting the roof of the cabin, felt tiles are really more of an aesthetic choice for those who want to add an extra touch of class to their garden.


We offer an assembly service on all of our log cabins, provided by one of our manufacturer’s skilled and experienced installation teams. Simply prepare a solid concrete base beforehand for them to assemble upon, and treat and seal the building as soon as you can after they have finished.


Follow the instructions on your chosen external wood treatment; often these will need to be reapplied annually. After finishing treating the building, you should also use sealant on the corner joints to help ensure that no water can make its way into the cabin.

Bespoke / Made to Measure

All of our log cabins are built to order. If you cannot see the exact cabin that is right for you, don’t worry, we offer a bespoke service where we can provide you with a price to have a cabin made to your own layout.