Metal Sheds

Metal sheds are great for providing low maintenance storage options. Made from hot dipped galvanised steel they are able to cope with the high salt content of coastal atmospheres and shouldn’t require any more maintenance than a simple wipe down.

It is important to remember with all metal sheds that they must be anchored securely to the ground to prevent movement when exposed to strong winds. If you purchase a metal shed with a steel foundation kit, flooding the kit with concrete will ensure that the building is thoroughly weighted down. For all other base arrangements the shed will need to be bolted directly to the base upon which it is assembled.

For future care, the main issue to look out for with metal sheds is condensation. Our suppliers combat this by ensuring their buildings have as much in-built ventilation as possible, and the use of a damp proof course when laying the base should make a big difference, but if you do notice a build-up of condensation you should try to increase ventilation by leaving the building open when possible.