2.46m x 0.27m Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch

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Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch - between decorative fencing
  • Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch - between decorative fencing
  • Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch - 20 year anti-rot
  • Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch - insitu
  • Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch - displaying of additional arches to create a walk through
  • Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch - isolated
  • Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch - close up of the metal struts
  • Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch - dimensions

Key Features

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20 Year anti-rot guarantee
20 Year anti-rot guarantee

Pressure Treated

Pressure Treated

Long-lasting protection against rot and fungal decay. No treatment is required,

2.46m x 0.27m Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch

NEW - Guarantee - 20 year - gold

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  • 2.46m x 0.27m Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch£444.99


            The Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Garden Arch combines contemporary design with functional elegance. Crafted from two rounded beams of pressure-treated timber and interconnected with stainless steel rods, this arch forms a striking sculptural gateway. The design allows for flexibility; use it singly or combine multiple arches to forge a distinctive pathway through your garden.

            Echoing a blend of modern and classic garden aesthetics, the Flower Circle Arch is a dynamic addition to any outdoor space. It invites a creative interplay with nature, offering a sturdy base for climbing plants and enhancing the visual flow of garden pathways or entrances. The smooth, planed timber is built to last, resistant to the elements and decay thanks to its pressure treatment.

            Offering a 20-year anti-rot guarantee, the arch is supplied flat-packed with clear instructions for easy self-assembly. Whether used as a standalone feature or as part of a grand garden scheme, the Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Garden Arch is an excellent choice for those looking to infuse their garden with a touch of sophistication and enduring charm, making it a timeless asset for both traditional and contemporary landscapes.

            Bolt Down Brackets Option:

            The Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Arch, equipped with a bolt-down brackets which are used on hard surfaces such as concrete or paving slabs.   The bolt-down bracket ensures stability, making it perfect for locations that experience varied weather conditions, making it ideal for installation in varied outdoor spaces.

            Spike for Soft Ground Option:

            The spikes are designed specifically for soft ground installation, it includes spikes that allows easy and secure placement in garden soil, making it an ideal choice for decorative and functional use in softer landscapes. 


            Guarantee - 20-year anti-rot

            Dimension - 234.4cm x 247cm x 257.5cm (H x W x D)

            Framing finish - Smooth planed timbers

            Treatment - Pressure treated for longevity

            Delivered flat-packed for easy construction

            Make the Most of Your Garden Arch:

            The Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Garden Arch embodies a contemporary design ethos. It is crafted with two pressure-treated timber rounded beams seamlessly linked by stainless steel rods to form an elegant sculptural archway. This versatile arch can be used alone or in multiples to craft a distinctive and inviting garden pathway.

            Position this arch as a graceful entryway to your garden or to define a tranquil retreat, enhancing the overall experience of your outdoor space. Adorning it with climbing plants such as roses or jasmine adds a fragrant and captivating welcome, perfectly integrating with the natural environment and heightening the arch's visual appeal.

            The open framework of the Flower Circle Arch encourages vertical gardening, making it ideal for supporting climbers like clematis, ivy, or grapevines. These plants intertwine through the structure, creating a vibrant green canopy that beautifies and contributes to biodiversity and privacy within your garden.

            You can further elevate the arch's role by using it to define transitions within your garden, such as leading from a lush lawn to a secluded vegetable patch or framing a pathway to a fruit garden. Consider placing benches nearby to transform this architectural feature into a romantic, serene spot for enjoying early morning tea or relaxing under the stars. With its ability to be decorated seasonally—with lights during festive periods or floral garlands through the changing seasons—the Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Garden Arch becomes a dynamic focal point in your garden, enriching its aesthetics and enhancing its functionality throughout the year.

            About Your Order:

            Grange is committed to environmental stewardship in all operations and material sourcing areas. The Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch is made from FSC® certified timber, supporting the growth of responsible forest management worldwide. This product is one of the most environmentally friendly options, thanks to Grange's gentle pressure treatment system.

            The Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch is pressure-treated, giving the wood a slight green tint. This natural finish can fade beautifully over time or serve as a perfect base for staining in a colour of your choice. The pressure treatment with preservatives effectively protects against insects and fungal decay, and Grange guarantees the arch for a minimum of 20 years against rot, alongside a 12-month manufacturer's warranty.

            Designed with practicality in mind, the arch is straightforward to assemble. It is delivered flat-packed for easy handling and assembly. Superior fixings enhance its durability, and an optional assembly service from the manufacturer is available to ensure a hassle-free setup.

            Please note: Images may show furnishings and accessories; these are for illustration purposes only and are not included with your order.

            Garden Arch Maintenance:

            Unlike dip-treated options, pressure treatment penetrates the exterior and interior of the wood, enhancing durability and longevity. The Grange Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch is crafted from pressure-treated timbers, ensuring exceptional durability. Grange’s pressure-treated products are low maintenance, not requiring annual re-treatment, thanks to anti-rot solution impregnated within the timber structure that improves rot resistance.

            The treatment process may impart a greenish hue to the wood, which is normal and will naturally fade to grey over time. Should you wish to customise the colour of your garden arch, it's important to choose a paint or stain specifically formulated for use on pressure-treated timber, as the manufacturer recommends.

            elbec recommends Protek wood treatment. Browse our Protek Royal Exterior Wood Finish Paint range to find the best garden arch paint to add your own finish.

            About Grange:

            Founded in 1868 by George Hill, Grange has been a leader in the fencing industry for over a century. Starting with customised fencing, the company introduced innovative products like prefabricated panels in the 1950s and automated fence panel production in 1990. Grange was also the first to offer FSC®-certified products in 1998 and expanded rapidly through acquisitions.  Grange is renowned for its unrivalled quality in the market. The company adheres strictly to responsible and ethical trading practices. The commitment extends to environmental responsibility with the exclusive use of timber from PEFC-certified sustainably managed forests, ensuring no unsustainable wood is incorporated into products.

            Grange proudly offers a 20-year guarantee on pressure treatments across the entire timber product range. The superior wood preservation techniques eliminate the need for frequent, costly maintenance. Using a unique blend of preservatives that deeply penetrate the wood, the pressure treatment method provides robust protection against rot and decay, ensuring durability and long-lasting quality. Grange is known for its premium garden products, including decorative structures like trellis arches, garden arbours, and robust traditional fence panels. 



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            Please note: all imperial measurements are approximate, and the Grange Garden Structures are made from metric measurements.

            Product Name:
            2.46m x 0.27m Grange Free Standing Flower Circle Wooden Garden Arch
            Footprint Depth:
            0.27m (0'8")
            Footprint Width:
            1.10m (3'6") and 2.46m (8'0")
            Ridge Height:
            2.35m (7'7")
            Eaves Height:
            Treatment Type:
            Pressure treated green
            Recommended Treatment:
            Maintenance free, preservative treatment is never needed
            Manufacturer's Guarantee:
            20 year anti-rot guarantee
            Roof Type:
            Floor Material:
            Self assembly
            Optional Assembly:
            FSC Certified:
            Free Delivery*:
            Manufacturer's Product Code:
            EAN Number:
            Grange Fencing
            Country of Origin:
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            The Grange Freestanding Flower Circle is crafted from two pressure-treated timber beams seamlessly joined with stainless steel rods. It's pressure-treated for longevity and comes with a 20-year anti-rot guarantee - a charming addition to any garden. Top features include:

            • Smooth planed finish
            • Delivered flat-packed for easy assembly
            • Manufactured from FSC-certified timber
            • 20-year anti-rot guarantee