6 x 4 Shire Hemsby Wooden Greenhouse with Muti-access

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6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - in situ, angle view
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - in situ, angle view
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - in situ, angle view
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - in situ, front view, door open
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - in situ, front view, door closed
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - in situ, side view, door open
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - in situ, side view, one door open
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - in situ, side view
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - in situ, roof
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - Apex
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - handle
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - dimensions
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - internal dimensions
  • 6x4 Shire Hemsby Traditional Wooden Greenhouse - footprint

6 x 4 Shire Hemsby Wooden Greenhouse with Muti-access

NEW - Guarantee - 10 year - gold

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  • 6 x 4 Shire Hemsby Wooden Greenhouse with Muti-access£824.99


            Explore the captivating allure of the Shire Hemsby 6x4 Greenhouse, an architectural gem designed for the discerning gardener who values both aesthetics and utility. Crafted from the finest FSC-certified timber, the Hemsby 6x4 is a testament to gardening elegance and architectural sophistication.

            The greenhouse boasts a unique and versatile door system featuring four beautifully crafted doors that can be placed in any of ten designated positions. This customisation allows for a tailored entrance arrangement, from an impressive double door setup at each gable end to traditional separate single doors, offering a personalised touch that is rare in greenhouse offerings.

            Opting for horticultural glass over acrylic glazing, the Hemsby 6x4 elevates the standard for garden building materials. Horticultural glass ensures superior thermal performance, creating an ideal environment for various plants. Its clarity invites the outdoors in, free from the visual obstructions typical of acrylic, while its durability guarantees resistance against weathering, preserving its pristine condition through every season.

            Adorned with elegant cresting and finials, the Hemsby 6x4 adds a layer of sophistication and historical allure. It is reminiscent of the grandeur of Victorian greenhouses but at a price point that surprises and delights. Inside, the greenhouse features practical slatted shelving for potting and efficient water drainage, underscoring the thoughtful consideration of each design element. The inclusion of an automatic roof vent opener introduces a touch of modernity, automatically regulating temperature to foster the perfect growing conditions for your plants.

            The Hemsby 6x4's aesthetic appeal is undeniable. Decorative finials grace the front and rear gables, reflecting Shire's unwavering dedication to beauty and excellence. The greenhouse offers an ideal setting for plant cultivation and provides a tranquil retreat for gardeners.

            With Shire's hallmark joinery expertise, the Hemsby 6x4 transcends the ordinary, presenting itself as a stylish statement piece and a commitment to gardening. Its elegant wooden panels add a touch of traditional beauty while also offering a smart storage solution for gardening essentials, keeping them neatly out of sight.

            The Shire Hemsby 6x4 Greenhouse invites you to delve into the joys of gardening, combining impeccable style, unmatched functionality, and thoughtful conveniences. It's an exceptional structure designed to elevate your outdoor space and inspire gardeners at every skill level.

            Also available: 4 x 4 Shire Hemsby Greenhouse with Muti-access

            About the Timber:

            You will be impressed by Shire's use of natural products and their environmental credentials. A high-quality wooden greenhouse starts with high-quality timber, so it is important to know exactly what timber is used. The most commonly used timber for garden buildings is pine (pinus), as this is widely available for a very cheap price. However, all of Shire's garden buildings are constructed using high-quality spruce (Picea) and are sourced from Scandinavia under strict FSC guidance. Spruce is more durable than pine and provides a higher-quality finish. This timber is slow-grown, unlike fast-grown British and Eastern Europe's timber; being slow-grown timber means a tighter grain, less sap, and far fewer knots. Therefore, the timber used in Shire's products is more durable and will last much longer than other timber. Spruce is, therefore, the timber of choice for companies such as Shire who always look to produce the best garden building.


            Guarantee - 10-year anti-rot

            Walls - 12mm shiplap tongue and groove

            Roof – Toughened glass

            Glazing – Toughened glass

            Windows – 6 windows

            Frame – 34mm x 34mm

            Lock – Magnet and turn button

            Treatment - dip treated (application of preservative and waterproof coat required)

            Make the Most of Your Wooden Greenhouse:

            To unlock the full potential of the Shire Hemsby 6x4 Greenhouse, reimagine it not merely as a structure for plant cultivation but as a sanctuary for deepening your gardening expertise and bolstering your environmental ethos. Take advantage of its adaptable door system to customise the entryway according to your style and practical needs, crafting a welcoming atmosphere for your botanical ventures. Employ the slatted shelving to neatly arrange a vibrant array of potted greens, herbs, and seedlings, each benefiting from the perfect conditions to thrive. The inclusion of an automatic roof vent opener offers seamless temperature control, accommodating a diverse range of plant life, from the most tender orchids to hearty vegetables. Explore innovative gardening methods such as hydroponics or cultivate a quaint bonsai collection, making the most of the generous natural illumination. View the Shire Hemsby 6x4 Greenhouse as more than a mere building; consider it an integral component of your garden's lifecycle, a nurturing ground where your gardening dreams can grow and adapt to the changing seasons.

            About Your Order:

            The Shire Greenhouse is a British-made garden building made from FSC® certified timber. You will get a low-carbon footprint wooden greenhouse made from ethically sourced materials. The practical design makes it straightforward to assemble. It comes with a 10-year anti-rot guarantee and a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. 

            Superior fixings, and optional assembly from the manufacturer is available. The timber boards attach to a solid internal framing to make hard-wearing and sturdy panels. The Greenhouse is flat-packed for easy handling and assembly.

            Please note: Images may depict furnishings and accessories; optional potting shelf, these are for illustration purposes only and are not included with your order. 

            Wooden Greenhouse Aftercare:

            The greenhouse has timbers that have been dip-treated base coat to protect them during transit. You must apply a preservative and waterproofing topcoat immediately after installation. Using the treatment after installation, followed by consistent annual treatment of the garden summerhouse, will maintain the high-quality finish and is a requirement of the 10-year anti-rot guarantee. A 1-year manufacturer's warranty is included as standard.

            To treat the greenhouse, elbec recommends Protek wood treatment. Browse our Protek Royal Exterior Wood Finish Paint range to find the best paint colour to add to your personalised finish. In the options section, we’ve included popular colours and a Wood Preserver+ for use underneath your colour choice.

            About Shire:

            Shire is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of garden buildings. Shire proudly manufactures the most extensive UK timber garden building range. Their range includes Garden Sheds, Log Cabins, Eco Homes, Home Offices, Sheds, Workshops, Summerhouses, Playhouses, Arbours, Storage units, and Pet houses.

            Their UK production facilities cover 23 acres, including stock holding facilities and an advanced high-speed timber planing mill. There is also a modern, well-equipped joinery production facility and semi-automated production lines. All Shire garden buildings are manufactured in the UK using the finest spruce timber, imported directly, and manufactured using the most up-to-date machines to ensure the best quality and best value-for-money garden sheds in the UK.



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            Installation option of Greenhouse:

            If you are choosing the installation option after placing your order you’ll be contacted within 5 working days by Shire the manufacturer either by a text message or automated telephone message (the latter if a mobile number is not supplied). This message will supply you with the name of the website to go on to where you will be required to accept the terms and conditions for assembly. Any delay in accepting these terms and conditions may affect your timescale. Once you have accepted these terms and conditions you will be contacted during the timescale with a date for the delivery/assembly of your order. The installation option will extend your lead time by up to 15-25 working days. This may take longer during seasonal periods. Please be aware that the installation team will require full access to your garden, 18" clearance all around the building and a firm and level base. Shire's installation team will not bring a building through your home as they are not covered by insurance to enter a customer’s home.

            Painting Option:

            The delivery leadtime for our painting service the product page above displays the estimated delivery lead time, which is specified in working days (Monday - Friday) and excludes Bank Holidays.

            Booking Date:

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            Upon Delivery
            Knowles, a courier representing the manufacturer Shire, is responsible for delivering the item. The delivery is typically carried out using an 18-ton vehicle within the timeframe of 8am to 8pm. Please note that the delivery drivers are insured to deliver only to the kerb side or driveway, and will not take any risks that may result in property damage while delivering the product. Additionally, we regret to inform you that delivery personnel will not be able to enter your property. Finally, the driver will hand-ball the item off during delivery.

            It is not advisable to engage a third party for product installation before its delivery and verification of all parts. Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred by a third party.


            Please note: all imperial measurements are approximate, and the Shire Greenhouses are made from metric measurements. We would recommend that the base is at least 50mm bigger in each direction.

            Product Name:
            6x4 Shire Hemsby Wooden Greenhouse with Muti-access
            Footprint Depth:
            1.07m (3'7")
            Footprint Width:
            1.68m (5'6")
            Ridge Height:
            2.30m (7'7")
            Eaves Height:
            1.83m (6'0")
            Shiplap tongue and groove
            Cladding Thickness:
            34mm x 34mm (11 /3"? x 11 /3")
            Treatment Type:
            Dip Treated (application of preservative and waterproof coat required)
            Recommended Treatment:
            Protek Range (please click here)
            Roof Type:
            34mm x 34mm (11 /3" x 11 /3")
            Roof Material:
            Toughened glass
            Roof Thickness:
            Roofing Felt:
            Floor Material:
            Floor Joists:
            Floor Joist Direction:
            Door Type:
            4 x single doors
            Door Height:
            1.70m (5'7")
            Door Width:
            0.45m (1'6")
            Door Lock System:
            Magnet and turn button
            Number of Window(s):
            6 x fixed side windows
            1 x top opening
            5 x top fixed windows
            Window Material:
            Toughend glass
            Window/Door Panel(s) Interchangeable:
            4 doors supplied, doors can be hung in any of the 10 spaces
            Manufacturer's Guarantee:
            10-Year Anti-Rot Gaurantee
            Self assembly
            Optional Assembly:
            FSC Certified:
            Free Delivery*:
            Optional Wooden Base:
            Manufacturer's Product Code:
            EAN Number:
            Shire garden buildings
            Country of Origin:
            United Kingdom
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            The 6 x 4 Shire Hemsby Wooden Greenhouse is perfect for starting your vegetable-growing journey. It’s a superb small greenhouse for compact gardens. The key features include:

            • Charming design with crests and finials
            • 6 fixed-glazed windows 
            • 1 automatic roof vent opener
            • 4 doors supplied - use as 4 multi-access points or 2 x double doors
            • 10-year anti-rot guarantee