6 x 6 (1.85m x 1.85m) Palram - Canopia Hybrid Greenhouse - Grey

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6 x 6 Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey
  • 6 x 6 Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey
  • 6 x 6 Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey - dimensions
  • Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey - interior
  • Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey - single manual opening roof vent
  • Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey - door handle can be locked with a padlock
  • Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey - galvanised steel base aids stability
  • Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey - integral guttering
  • 6 x 6 Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey - slide and click glazing assembly system
  • 6 x 6 Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey - isolated view
  • 6 x 6 Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey - in situ

6 x 6 (1.85m x 1.85m) Palram - Canopia Hybrid Greenhouse - Grey


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Palram Steel Workbench
Palram Steel Workbench

This two-level adjustable steel work bench is perfect for working at in your greenhouse or for helping to organize your space. It offers a potting and working area on top with a sturdy storage shelf below. These two shelves provide ample storage and work space and will withstand evenly distributed weights of up to 75kg per shelf. The lower shelf can be adjusted in height to meet your needs. It is made from durable galvanized steel, which will stand up to a challenging greenhouse environment, and is easy to assemble. Top shelf can be assembled “upside-down” to be used as a soil tray. 115cm x 51cm x 18cm (Length x Depth x Height)

Palram Fan Heater With Digital Thermostat
Palram Fan Heater With Digital Thermostat

The Palram 2400-W combo plant Heater and green house fan with Digital Thermostat controller allows you to conveniently grow year-round and maintain optimal conditions with confidence, free from the burden of constant manual climate management. It will heat your greenhouse as temperatures drop in line with the temperatures you set, and will also act as a fan during warmer months to help air circulate and cool in your greenhouse. It is splash and corrosion resistant, a useful feature for situating in a greenhouse. Less expensive to operate than many alternatives, it also operates quietly. Auto reset safety limit shuts heater in the event of overheat and reset after cool down. CE approved for Europe and UK.

Palram Plant Hangers (10 Pack)
Palram Plant Hangers (10 Pack)

These handy plant hangers simply twist into any number of channels within a Palram Greenhouse. They enable you to fasten a shade kit, hang irrigation tubing, suspend pots and hanging baskets, or attach twine and string to act as supports. The pack includes 10 plastic hangers, which are also compatible with Palram’s heavy duty greenhouse shelving (sold separately). They are made from plastic, so will not rust or corrode in greenhouse conditions.

Palram Hanging Trellising Kit
Palram Hanging Trellising Kit

The Palram Hanging Trellising Kit allows you to easily hang plants and vine cops in order to protect their delicate stems. It will also allow you to add much needed support to taller-growing plants while offering an excellent level of sunlight exposure. The Trellising kit is compatible with all Palram greenhouses and is quick and easy to install and use. The kit includes 6 Roller hook spools with 25m twine; 3 types of support clip for different vine crops; 48 tomato clips; 12 radial support hooks; and 12 courgette clips. 

Palram Shade Kit
Palram Shade Kit

The Greenhouse Shade Kit can be secured to the inner framework of any Palram greenhouse. It helps prevent excessive heat build up and will shield delicate plants from direct sunlight exposure. It is quick and straightforward to install and can be easily re-positioned for changing seasons or crops. Comes with 10 plant hangers to secure it to your greenhouse framework. 230 x 265cm in size (larger greenhouses may require more than one shade kit). Made from a durable woven material and has UV protection.


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  • 6 x 6 Hybrid- Grey£422.12


            Masterful design and high quality materials go hand in hand with this greenhouse, which is an ideal size for anyone who doesn't want to lose too much available space in their garden. The 6 x 6 Palram Hybrid greenhouse is an excellent way to shelter plants you want to keep away from the frost throughout a British winter, among many other uses. We personally find nothing allows homegrown vegetables to thrive like the enhanced greenhouse environment that the Palram Hybrid provides. With an appealing price tag and a 5-year guarantee from the manufacturer, nothing can compete with this greenhouse when it comes to sheer value for money.

            This greenhouse comes with an attractive powder-coated finish in grey, to ensure the aluminium frame is best protected from the elements, without any further treatment upon assembly. Several alternative colours are also available to order through elbec, so that you can be thoughtful in matching your greenhouse to its surroundings.


            The Hybrid does a fantastic job of iterating on the quintessential greenhouse, with some handy features that will enhance your gardening experience. One such feature is its vent, which can be opened manually to increase airflow and reduce humidity and temperature as needed.

            The Palram Hybrid's most unique feature among the range is its combination of glazing types, with clear polycarbonate being used for the wall panels and frosted style glazing for all roof panels. These UV-absorbing polycarbonate panels can withstand hits from stray footballs without shattering like glass, and will never turn clouded or yellow with age. This strength is why the Hybrid is resistant to wind speeds up to 56mph, and why each square foot can take the weight of 15.4lbs of snow.

            Transparent polycarbonate makes up the walls of the greenhouse, while merged polycarbonate is used for the roof panels. The result of this unique approach is a greenhouse that you can look into with ease, while keeping the light-diffusing qualities of other frosted-style greenhouses. This lets you show off any gardening projects within, but keeps the interior temperature more consistent.

            Security is often a concern for gardeners who like to store their tools or other items in the greenhouse. Fortunately, the 6 x 6 Palram Hybrid has a door catch that can easily be locked with the addition of your own padlock. Another feature that will improve your experience is the built-in guttering system, that reduces the need to use water from your home to water plants by making any rainfall onto the greenhouse's roof very straightforward to collect in a water butt.


            The 6 x 6 Palram Hybrid greenhouse offers an excellent degree of improved temperature and humidity control compared to the outdoors, but if you're the type of hobbyist who needs their gardening environment set up just so, we think that Palram's range of accessories have extraordinary utility.

            For example, the Shade Kit provides some relief from sunlight for any plants vulnerable to being damaged by the hotspots that tend to appear in the summer season. The Shade Kit comes with clips that also make useful hangers for baskets or stems that need stringing up to the greenhouse ceiling.

            Maximising your available space is also worth considering with a more modestly sized greenhouse such as the 6 x 6 Hybrid. You may want to pick up a few Heavy Duty Shelf Kits, which attach to the greenhouse's aluminium frame and can be lined up closely along a wall. Each shelf supports up to 40kg. Otherwise, the freestanding Two Tier Staging units offer an impressive amount of space and have perforations to ensure any water will drain away from your plants.

            Explore these accessories and more before ordering, and easily include your chosen accessories in the same purchase as your greenhouse.

            Additional Details

            Assembling your Hybrid greenhouse is made simple with clear instructions and panels that slot together once the aluminium frame is in place. Customers find it is best to put their greenhouse together with a friend, over the course of a day or across a weekend. While assembling, the owner can decide for themselves the direction they would like the single door to open, by choosing which side of the frame to fasten the door's hinges.

            Feel secure in the knowledge that your Palram greenhouse will be covered by the same five-year warranty that is offered to every product in the range. Check the instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure you know the full details for adequate maintenance and can retain the coverage, which takes minimal effort.



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            Please note: all imperial measurements are approximate, and the Palram Greenhouses are made from metric measurements. We would recommend that the base is at least 50mm bigger in each direction.

            Product Name:
            6 x 6 (1.85m x 1.85m) Palram Hybrid Greenhouse - Grey
            Colours Available:
            Green, Grey, Silver
            Exterior Width (Door Side):
            1.85m (6'1")
            Exterior Length:
            1.86m (6'1")
            Interior Width:
            1.81m (5'11")
            Interior Length:
            1.80m (5'11")
            Footprint Width:
            1.85m (6'1")
            Footprint Length:
            1.85m (6'1")
            Ridge Height:
            2.08m (6'10")
            Eaves Height:
            1.24m (4'0")
            Roof Type:
            Twin-wall Polycarbonate Panels
            Crystal-clear Polycarbonate Panels
            Galvanized Steel Perimeter Base
            1 Manual Opening Roof Vent
            Integrated Guttering:
            Low Threshold Entry:
            Hinged single door
            Door Height:
            1.63m (5'4")
            Door Width:
            0.57m (1'10")
            Door Lock:
            Turning door handle with facility for padlock (padlock not included)
            Door Handle:
            Optional Assembly:
            Manufacturer's Guarantee:
            5 Year Defects and Workmanship Warranty
            Product Code:
            Manufacturer's Product Code:
            EAN Number:
            Palram Applications
            Country of Origin:


            The 6 x 6 Palram Hybrid Greenhouse in Grey uses a mixed style of polycarbonate glazing, providing gardeners with the perfectly balanced environment they need to grow plants. Key features include:

            • Twin-wall roof glazing helps to soften potentially damaging sunlight
            • Transparent polycarbonate wall panels let you enjoys plants in all their glory
            • 5-year manufacturer guarantee as standard
            • Powder-coated aluminium frame with a subtle grey finish

            Key Features

            • FREE UK mainland delivery
            • Rust-free aluminium frame with grey finish
            • Apex-style roof panels that divert rainfall into built-in guttering, for easy collection with the use of an added water butt
            • A perimeter base made from galvanised steel
            • Transparent walls and translucent roof for the ultimate combination of clarity and sun diffusion
            • Generous interior height of over 6'9''
            • Keep the door open or closed with a magnetic catch (alternative to a door stopper), regardless of any passing breeze.
            • Keep your plants and other items on lockdown by attaching your own padlock to the suitable handle