7G x 7 (2.09m x 2.09m) Shire Camelot Log Cabin (19mm Logs)

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7 x 7 Shire Camelot Log Cabin

7G x 7 (2.09m x 2.09m) Shire Camelot Log Cabin (19mm Logs)

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  • 2090G x 2090mm (7G x 7ft) (Front Width x Depth) - 19mm£858.99


            Standard Specifications:

            The Table below shows the specification for the Camelot Log Cabin.  Please Note the table shows the minimum Ridge Height for the Camelot Log Cabin this may vary for some larger footprints.  For Ridge Height specifications for the other sizes in the 'Camelot Range' please contact our Sales Team. All imperial measurements are approximate and the log cabins are built to metric measurements. The base sizes are taken to the extreme external length of the log including the corner joints that protrude. The base measurements do not include any roof overhangs.

            Product Name: Shire Camelot Log Cabin
            Eaves Height: 1.8m (5'11')
            Ridge Height: 2.1m (6'10')
            Logs: 19mm Single Tongue and Groove
            Floor Bearers: 34 x 62mm
            Floor and Roof Boards: 12mm Single Tongue and Groove
            Roof joists: 44 x 70mm
            Roof Covering: Sheet Mineral Roofing Felt
            Window and Door Spec: (Awaiting Spec)
            Window Dimension [Height x Width]:  (Awaiting Spec)
            Standard Glass:  3mm Horticultural Glass
            Door (Double)  [Height x Width]:  (Awaiting Spec)


            To convert external dimensions to internal dimensions please minus 238mm off the external measurements. So for a cabin that was 1000mm x 1000mm, the internal measurements would be 762mm x 762mm.

            The Gable End (G) is the width or Front and is the first measurement and is where the door is located. The second measurement relates to the depth therefore for a 3590G x 2990mm (12G x 10ft) model the door/front is the 12ft measurement ie the first measurement.



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            Delivery Leadtimes
            The estimated delivery lead time for this product is identified on the product page above. Lead times are in working days (Monday - Friday) excludes Bank Holidays. These estimated lead times are provided by the manufacturers and are not guaranteed - due to fluctuation in demand - but are provided in good faith and are representative of delivery at that time. Some remote areas will take a little longer.

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            Upon Delivery
            Delivery is made by Shire the manufacturer. Delivery of this item is typically made by a 17 ton flat-bed (similar size to a council refuse lorry). Delivery is typically between 7am and 7pm. The delivery drivers are only insured to deliver to kerb side or driveway. We would not risk damaging your property whilst delivering a product. Unfortunately we will not be able to go through your property. Deliveries are hand-balled off by the driver.

            We would recommend against arranging for a third party to install the building before it's been delivered and checked that all parts are present, as we cannot be held liable for any third-party costs.

            Installation option
            If you are choosing the installation option after placing your order you’ll be contacted within 5 working days by Shire the manufacturer either by a text message or automated telephone message (the latter if a mobile number is not supplied). This message will supply you with the name of the website to go on to where you will be required to accept the terms and conditions for assembly. Any delay in accepting these terms and conditions may affect your timescale. Once you have accepted these terms and conditions you will be contacted during the timescale with a date for the delivery/assembly of your order. The installation option will extend your lead time by up to 15-25 working days. This may take longer during seasonal periods. Please be aware that the installation team will require full access to your garden, 18" clearance all around the building and a firm and level base. Shire's installation team will not bring a building through your home as they are not covered by insurance to enter a customer’s home.


            The 7 x 7 Shire Camelot Log Cabin is a compact and secure garden building ideal for a home workshop, an office, hobby room, protected storage or even for a cosy space to relax in your garden. Key features include:

            • Attractive, classic log cabin design that is certain to look great in your garden
            • Secure and lockable single door with quality, concealed, full-length piano hinge
            • Features an opening window (can be located on either side) which includes a shutter to allow control over light and airflow to create the right environment in which to work or relax
            • Unbeatable construction quality you can rely on from a Shire Log Cabin


            If you are in desperate need of useful extra space at home, then the compact, secure and charming Camelot Log Cabin from Shire could be exactly what you need. A classic log cabin design that boasts plenty of quality features in a neat package, you can rest assured that it won’t take up too much of your garden (or your budget) while still providing a valuable new space for a variety of uses.

            At elbec, we are confident that our log cabins are the perfect way to make the most of your unused garden space while providing a wonderful spot to relax or work in comfort all year round.

            Ways to Make the Most of Your Camelot Log Cabin

            The Shire Camelot Log Cabin is ideal for anyone who is rapidly running out of space in their homes and moving house, or building a conventional extension, simply aren’t viable options. As a space for a home office, there is little better than a log cabin. We often hear from our customers how the tranquillity and calming atmosphere of a garden setting is beneficial for concentration and work productivity, which is why so many choose a log cabin office. Alternatively, it would also make an ideal spot for a home workshop, hobbies or crafts, especially if these activities require space for equipment that you can’t find anywhere in the home. Whether you are a painter looking for somewhere quiet and inspiring or if you craft items such as jewellery to sell in your spare time, then a log cabin could be the solution.  And of course, many simply opt to turn their log cabins into a cosy, garden haven where they can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in the beautiful surroundings of their garden. But really, you can let your imagination run free when deciding what to do with a Camelot Log Cabin, and we are certain you will love making the most of your new space however you decide to use it.  

            Why Others Tell Us They Love the Camelot

            Many of our past customers have been impressed by how much space the Camelot has provided them in a log cabin that has a relatively small footprint. This has meant that even customers with smaller gardens have been able to add plenty of new, usable space to their homes thanks to the generous roof height and spacious floor area inside. Proper, handcrafted joinery is used on the elegant, Georgian style window on the Camelot, and this really adds a touch of class that you will struggle to find on log cabins in this price bracket from anyone other than Shire. The window is also an opening window, meaning that it not only lets in light to make working or relaxing inside pleasant and bright, but you can also control the temperature by letting in a cool breeze or shutting yourself inside on a cold day to remain snug. On top of this, the Camelot’s window features a useful shutter for controlling how much light comes into you cabin, valuable for keeping the inside cool in hotter weather or if light sensitive items are to be stored inside. At the time of assembly, you can choose to locate the window on whichever side of the cabin best suits your garden. This all comes in a package that showcases the best of a traditional log cabin design, with its thick logs, sturdy roof beams inside and attractive apex roof. Many customers like to add a personal touch to their log cabins by painting them and they look great in any colour. Shire recommends you use Protek Paint, a high quality exterior wood treatment available to purchase from elbec in over 50 colours. You are certain to find a colour or combination of colours you love, while also adding valuable extra protection to the timber, in the Protek Royal Exterior range.


            A Shire Log Cabin is built to last, and the Camelot is no exception. With overlapping corner logs and 4-way corner joints used by Shire as standard, you’ll be impressed by the strength, stability and sturdy feel of the Camelot Log Cabin. It is delivered with thick interlocking logs of the highest quality and robust, heavy duty roofing felt, so you can rest assured that you will be nicely sealed away from the elements and snug when inside. Robust tongue and groove roof and flooring adds a further touch of quality and ensures you have a roof that provides fantastic protection from the British weather and a floor that can withstand heavy loads. The solid, secure door can be locked for extra security and features full-length, quality piano hinges as standard. The apex roof is a generous height, leaving plenty of headroom inside. You can also purchase and construct your log cabin in the confidence that all Shire Log Cabins can be dismantled and rebuilt should you ever decide to move. We’re pleased to offer the option of having our dedicated professionals assemble your log cabin quickly and correctly. However, you can choose to use the comprehensive instructions included and construct it yourself.

            About your Log Cabin Order

            The Camelot Log Cabin is supplied with heavy duty roofing felt, and all fixtures necessary to complete assembly. Floor joists are supplied properly pressure treated through the Shire in house facilities. Timber sizes stated are the actual size of the timber after planing and machining.

            All Shire Log Cabins are supplied untreated. You must apply a wood treatment to the exterior. Shire recommends Protek wood treatment, available from elbec in many different colours. This will protect the timber from weathering, making it last longer. The timber treatment will need to be repeated periodically in line with the manufacturer's instructions.

            We also recommend that you take a look at our Delivery information if you think that the Camelot could be the perfect log cabin for you. Hopefully, any queries you may have will be answered in our delivery information and by our FAQs, but please do get in contact with us if you have any questions and we would be happy to provide advice or assist you in any way we can.

            You can also visit our Brookfields Garden Centre Showsite near Nottingham if you would like to sit down with one of our helpful members of staff, ask any questions about a log cabin, or get a real feel for our garden buidlings. We strive to keep a representative selection of our product range available for customers to look at on the showsite, but we do recommend you give us a call in advance if there is a specific garden product you would like to see.

            Key Features

            • Window Shutter Included
            • High Quality 19mm Thick Interlocking Logs as Standard.
            • Single Door Mounted With Full Length Piano Hinge.
            • Door can be Secured With Lock and Key. 
            • Thick Tongue and Groove Timber Roof and Floor
            • Pressure Treated Floor Bearers.
            • One Opening Glass Window (Can be Fitted to Either Side)
            • Delivered with all Fittings and Heavy Duty Roofing Felt for Self Assembly
            • FSC Slowgrown timber

            Camelot FAQs

            What size log cabin do I need?
            We would always recommend that your decision making is based on the biggest log cabin you can afford.  It will of course need to fit in the space you have allocated without any restrictions.  You will find that just like a house, you will always find use for the space.  Of course size and space  will come down to what you will potentially use the Log Cabin for ie Office, Games Room, Hobby Room, Spill-Over Guest Room or for Dining.  We also have Log Cabins with multi rooms.  We offer a service where you can dictate your own size, location of doors/windows and the optional features you want.

            What should I consider when choosing a location for my log cabin?
            Unlike some Log Cabins with Shire Log Cabins you actually build the cabin from the inside but you will need enough room to be able to treat the external walls. We would therefore recommend that your log cabin should ideally have a clear space of at least 18" wide on all sides, if possible. We know that this can sometimes be an issue and therefore a reduced clearance is often possible on one or two sides. When considering your space around your log cabin (particularly where there are space constraints) remember to allow for any roof overhang. You should also clear the area of any nearby shrubs and trees and remember to allow for future growth. If possible a sheltered position is better.

            Do Goodwood Import their Log Cabins?
            Goodwood Log Cabins are not imported they are machined logged here in the UK.  There are many advantages to this not withstanding the logs will fit together first time which is not always the case for imported log cabins.  First of all in the unlikely event of needing parts these are readily available and you would not have to wait weeks for replacement parts as you would if the log cabin was imported.  Secondly as they are built in the UK any technical advice you may need is also readily available.

            Do I need Planning Permission for a Log Cabin?
            Buildings 2.5m and below generally do not require planning permission as a Log Cabin is classed as a temporary building but we would recommend that you check with your local authority as to the regulations for your area.  Log Cabins over 2.5m and within 2 metres of a bourdary will require planning permission.

            What is the best way to prepare a base for my Log Cabin?
            All log cabins require a well prepared, solid, flat, level base to ensure a long lasting and stable installation.  Paving slabs (built on hardcore) or concrete make ideal bases for Log Cabins. A solid concrete base is more permanent but is more expensive but it does provide an excellent base for a larger log cabin. Paving slabs are more practical and cost effective and we would recommend this type of base for a smaller log cabin. The base can be level with the ground but should have a fall of 1 in 50 to ensure water run-off.

            What tools do I need to build my Log Cabin?
            Good quality DIY hand tools, such as:
            - Drills 
            - Hammer
            - Screwdrivers
            - Level
            - Stepladder
            - Tape measure
            - Saw
            - Ball of String (to check the diagonals)

            Please Note:  The only cutting which is required on a Shire Log Cabin is the final roof, floorboards, eaves edgings, skirting boards, felt and where applicable the verandah posts.

            Does the Log Cabin need to be treated?
            Log Cabins are supplied untreated.  We explain in the section below the reasons for this.  However as it is untreated it will enable you to decorate and finish it to your own individual style and taste. Please Note: the bearers are pre-treated with pressure treatment therefore any wood that comes into contact with the ground is powerfully treated to prevent against decay and insect infestation.

            It is advised that you treat your log cabin when it has been constructed and treat the external walls periodically after that in order to maintain and prolong the life and beauty of your log cabin. We would also recommend the maintenance of doors and window hinges that you regularly oil these to ensure a continued smooth operation.

            Why don't you pre-treat  Log Cabins?
            Log cabin timber is kiln dried- a process that reduces moisture content. This drying ensures that all wood is reasonably sized and capable of locking together tightly and securely.
            If timber was to be pre-treated for customers, the rigidly sized pieces of wood would have to be coated with preservative at this stage of production. Each piece would absorb varying amounts of treatment and drying times would be inconsistent. This process would expand to different sizes and this movement would prevent the interlocking log walls from fitting together tightly and securely, if at all.

            Do you offer an Installation Service?
            Yes. We offer an installation service throughout the majority of the UK mainland.  Please call our Sales Team on our Freephone Number 0800 019 3865 for a quote.

            How is the delivery of my log cabin arranged?
            The delivery company will contact you a few days prior to delivery to arrange a convenient delivery date with you. Access is required for a large lorry.  This is a kerbside delivery.

            How easy are Shire Log Cabins to assemble?
            You will not need to be a DIY professional to put up a Goodwood log cabin. Comprehensive, accurate and extremely easy to follow assembly instructions are supplied. They show exactly where every component fits and the majority of individual components are coded to match the instructions. However, if you feel that you need a little advice or just have a couple of questions to ask, you can call  us on: 0870 950 9940 or via e-mail at customercare@elbec.co.uk and our experienced team will be happy to help.

            Can I insulate my log cabin?
            The floor and roof of our log cabins can be easily insulated. There are many insulated sheets on the market suitable for insulating your cabin.  We recommend using batons on the wall with a slot at one end to allow for expansion and contraction of the wood.  We also offer 11mm thick double glazing. 

            Can I have electricity in my log cabin?
            Although providing an electricity supply to a log cabin is normally a straightforward task, for safety reasons we recommend that you consult an approved electrician first. Since January 1st 2005 all electrical work must be completed in accordance with IEE wiring regulations and BS 7671. Notifiable work must be either notified directly to the local building control department or completed by an operator who is approved under the Part P Electrical Competent Person Scheme.