Who’s Looking At Your Shed?

Who’s Looking At Your Shed?

Burglars love the holiday season when people are away from home. Thefts from sheds increase by around 25% during the summer months, according to one of the UK’s top insurance companies.

If you’re a shed owner it’s worth checking your insurance policy before you go on holiday because some insurance companies may not cover you for high value items such as power tools, bicycles, lawn mowers or garden furniture.

But even if your policy is OK, there’s no point inviting trouble and there are a number of ways you can reduce the risk of your shed being burgled:

  • Check your shed is secure and has an adequate lock
  • Use non-returnable screws on hinges that show on the outside of the shed.  Drill the heads of any screws that show so they cannot be unscrewed
  • Use window locks on windows that open. If your shed has windows that you never use, why not screw them down so they don’t open
  • Chain bicycles and ladders to secure anchor points that are concreted into the ground
  • Use security lighting which is activated by sensors in the area around your shed and consider installing a shed alarm.  

If you are in the market for a shed, then it’s sensible to think about security when you are looking at the options. elbec garden buildings takes security seriously and has a range of sheds which you could consider:

Windowless Sheds

Burglars are less likely to break into a shed if they are not sure what’s inside. Time is of the essence for a burglar; the longer they hang around the more likely it is that they will be disturbed. And of course they won’t want to waste their time breaking in to a shed to find there is nothing of value inside. Have a look at the following options from elbec:

Pricewise range

  • Wooden sheds are the cheapest option and many are windowless to prevent prying eyes. Wooden, windowless sheds are available from 3x2 ft to 12x6 ft
  • Many metal and plastic sheds are windowless and have the added advantage that if someone tries to break in, they won’t be able to do it quietly!

Popular range

  • There are a number of windowless wooden sheds in this range, but most models also offer thicker wall cladding and stronger floors for extra security. The sizes available are from 3x2 ft to 8x6ft.

Professional range
These are amongst the most secure wooden sheds around and include such features as:

  • Concealed full length, factory fitted door hinges
  • Windowless sheds at no extra charge
  • Fully framed, ledged and braced doors
  • Option for thicker wall cladding
  • Specially designed security shed models with small windows
  • Lock and key for most models
  • Unlimited sizes

Follow our common sense advice and you’ll enjoy your holiday without worrying about your shed!

Posted by Martin Bernhofs
17th August 2015

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