The Benefits Of Owning A Greenhouse

The Benefits Of Owning A Greenhouse


The Benefits of Owning a Greenhouse

If owning a greenhouse is something you are considering, then you are probably considering the benefits of owning a greenhouse. By identifying the benefits of greenhouse ownership, and determining how they align to your needs and garden space, you will be able to choose the ideal model from an abundance of options.

In this blog, we explore the purpose and benefits of a greenhouse, different sizes, and types of greenhouse.

The purpose of a greenhouse is to create a barrier between what you are growing, the weather, and nature’s pests. By shielding your flowers, vegetables, and fruit from these external forces, you can extend the growing season, protecting plants from the cold or heat, too much rain, and garden pests that may attach or devour leaves.

Grow Fresh Vegetables and Fruit

You can grow plants such as cucumbers and tomatoes in a greenhouse. These vegetables are challenging to grow outdoors and if successful, crops can be limited. A tomato greenhouse will also help you avoid national shortages and supply chain issues, giving you access to fresh, juicy tomatoes and other vegetables when the supermarket shelves are empty. To maximise results and get the earliest start, you could add an overnight greenhouse heater.

Grow from Seed and Transplant

Growing plants and vegetables from seed is extremely satisfying and is a cost-effective way to plant many different species or use saved seeds from the year before. The extra warmth the greenhouse provides helps seeds germinate and survive any returning cold snaps in the weather. Once seedlings are established, you can harden them off and transplant them into your garden or flowerbeds.

Grow Tropical Plants and Exotic Flowers

Many of the most stunning or unusual blooms are found on tropical or exotic plants that would not grow in the British climate. A greenhouse will allow you to grow these exotics from seed and protect existing plants over winter or during poor weather.

Embrace a Warm Place to Work

Getting out of the wind, rain, and cold can be essential at times and will let you enjoy and work in the garden, regardless of the weather forecast. Just because it starts to snow or drizzle, doesn’t have to mean the end of time enjoying your garden space.

Store Tools and Supplies

Just as getting soaked by the rain isn’t good for your health and well-being, it won’t do your tools and supplies much good either. Metal tools would rust, string would deteriorate, and plastic pots could get blown away. Even a small greenhouse will allow you an amount of storage to keep these items safe and well maintained.

So, to recap, the benefits of owning a greenhouse include:

  1. Growing fresh vegetables and fruit 
  2. Growing tropical plants and exotic flowers
  3. Embracing a warm place to work
  4. Storing tools and supplies

The Benefits of Different Types and Sizes of Greenhouse

So, now you know the purposes of a greenhouse, you will need to decide which type and size is suitable for you and your outside space.

Small Greenhouses

The benefits of a small lean to greenhouse or small tall wall greenhouse is the option to place these next to a wall or in a corner. Placement can have a huge impact on retaining available garden or patio space, which is crucial for homes with a small backyard. 

Long-lasting and durable, these products maximise vertical growing space and can be used as a showcase for your bloomage or smaller potted vegetables. Glazing is arranged to maximise sunlight, enhance growth, and extend the flowering or fruiting season. An excellent example is the Forest Victorian Tall Wall Greenhouse with Auto Vent, perfect for compact gardens

Medium Greenhouses 

A medium-sized greenhouse is ideal for homeowners or renters who wish to grow more flowers and store a few tools, a watering can, or stack of empty plant pots. Adding an aesthetic appeal to your garden space, or even hiding an unsightly wall or fence, is also possible.

Our Pressure -Treated Forest Georgian Tall Wall Greenhouse with Auto Vent and Forest Victorian Walkaround Greenhouse are excellent examples of functional beauty. If you are looking for a great value, budget greenhouse, the Palram Hybrid Greenhouse is perfect. The aluminium frame and polycarbonate glazing give it a superb look.

Large Potting Sheds

A large greenhouse or walk-in greenhouse is the top choice for those who want to embrace their garden and growing potential. With a Shire Sun Pent Shiplap Potting Shed, Shire Iceni Potting Shed with Door on Left Hand Side, or Shire Iceni Potting Shed with Door in Right Hand Side, you can walk into the greenhouse, easily store and retrieve garden tools and set out plants in front of ample glazing and window space.

A large greenhouse can sit along a wall or be central in a garden, lawn area, or patio. Durable and secure, these walk-in greenhouses will be a prideful garden addition that can retain their appeal for decades. 

Elite Greenhouses

An elite aluminium greenhouse is made from ultra-durable aluminium and can be powder coated in various colours. An Elite Apex Style or Elite Lean-to Style aluminium greenhouse offers many advantages with packages that include automatic roof vent openers, rainwater kits, grow hooks, staging/shelving and sliding doors.

If you are searching for a truly impressive greenhouse in terms of quality and design, watch out for our excellent selection of wooden greenhouses. Available in numerous sizes and models, these new greenhouses from Shire will be available very soon.

Posted by Marilyn Elliott
20th March 2023

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