4'3' (1.30m) Wide Elite Compact Aluminium Greenhouse Range

4'3" (1.30m) Wide Elite Compact Aluminium Greenhouse Range
4'3" (1.30m) Wide Elite Compact Aluminium Greenhouse Range4'3" (1.30m) Wide Elite Compact Aluminium Greenhouse Range

4'3' (1.30m) Wide Elite Compact Aluminium Greenhouse Range


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Usually delivered: Aluminium 4-5 weeks - Colour 8-10 Weeks.

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Elite Roof Vent
Extra Manual Roof Vent - Aluminium

The number of aluminium roof vents supplied as standard varies according to the size of your greenhouse (please refer to the specification table for the number of roof vents by greenhouse size). If your greenhouse does not include as many roof vents as you require as standard, additional roof vents can be purchased for any roof bay, however they cannot be sited next to each other.

Automatic Roof Vent Kit
Leadtime 10-12 Weeks - Elite Automatic Roof Vent Kit

This roof vent completely opens the vent to 18inch, allowing maximum ventilation and requires no drilling with its universal fitting making it compatible with all industry models. The Elite Automatic Roof Vent Kit is used to convert some or all of your manual roof vent to an automatic roof vent.

Elite Louvre Vent
Extra Manual 5 Blade Louvre Vent - Aluminium

A greenhouse and its contents need the ability to breathe, not only for the influx of oxygen for plants to grow and develop but also to draw in cool air to assist in temperature control. By adding a 5 blade louvre vent(s) on the side or rear of your greenhouse, fresh air is drawn in and encouraged to circulate from different levels. The Louvre Vent is supplied with toughened glass as standard.

Automatic Louvre Window Kit
Automatic Louvre Window Kit

Ideal for when you are out at work or away on holiday as ventilation is provided automatically for the greenhouse via a solar powered wax cylinder. The key to the action of an automatic louvre vent system is the mineral wax which it contains. When the wax gets hot, it expands and opens the vent and when it cools down it contracts and the spring closes the louvre vent.

Elite Standard Rainwater Kit for Freestanding Greenhouses

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  • 4'3' (1.30m) Wide Elite Compact Aluminium Greenhouse Range£566.00


            Please note: Elite products are built to metric measurements and all measurements are approximate the imperial measurements below are nominal. Where there is a built in base the Eaves and Ridge heights includes the built in base.

            Elite Compact Aluminium Greenhouse: 4' x 4' 4' x 6' 4' x 8'
            Width (Door Side): 1300mm (4'3') 1300mm (4'3') 1300mm (4'3')
            Length: 1351mm (4'5') 1971mm (6'5') 2589mm (8'5')
            Ridge Height (incl Base): 2122mm (6'11') 2122mm (6'11') 2122mm (6'11')
            Eaves Height (incl Base): 1553mm (5'1') 1553mm (5'1') 1553mm (5'1')
            Door: Double Double Double
            Door (Height): 1750mm (5'8') 1750mm (5'8') 1750mm (5'8')
            Door (Width): 600mm (1'11') 600mm (1'11') 600mm (1'11')
            Drop Door as Standard: YES YES YES
            Lockable Door: YES YES YES
            Built in Base as Standard: YES YES YES
            Integral Gutter: YES YES YES
            Horticultural Glass: YES YES YES
            Toughened Glass: Optional Optional Optional
            Roof Vent(s): 1** 1** 1**
            Automatic Roof Vent Kit: Optional Optional Optional
            Louvre Vent(s): Optional Optional Optional
            Automatic Louvre Vent Kit: Optional Optional Optional
            Diamond Staging: Optional Optional Optional
            Diamond Shelving: Optional Optional Optional
            Powder Colour Bar Capping: Optional*** Optional*** Optional***
            Rainwater Collection Kits (Standard or to One Gutter): Optional Optional Optional
            Water Barrel: Optional Optional Optional
            Heating Systems: Optional Optional Optional
            Powder Coated Colour Frame: Optional Optional Optional
            Special Offer Package Available: YES YES YES
            EAN Number: 5060485340003 5060485340010 5060485340027
            Manufacturer: Elite Elite Elite
            Manufacturer's Guarantee: 10 Year Frame Guarantee 10 Year Frame Guarantee 10 Year Frame Guarantee


            The width and length measurements are external base measurements but do not include any roof overhangs. If you are placing your greenhouse in a tight space you should consider the space for the integral gutter.

            ** Additional can be purchased as an optional extra.

            *** Can only be used with optional toughened glass.


            Greenhouse Package

            A greenhouse package is a fantastic way to save you money and ensure you get the most enjoyment and usability possible from your greenhouse. Depending on the greenhouse you choose and its size, it is possible to save up to 50% on the bundle of accessories that is included compared to if they were purchased them separately! You can purchase the Elite Compact Greenhouse Package by following this link.

            What is Included?

            You might think of a greenhouse package as a “starter kit” because it includes everything you will need to begin making the most of your new growing space smoothly and immediately. The finish or colour of any supplied aluminium accessories will always match your chosen greenhouse. Elite have carefully chosen the following in their greenhouse package to get you started:

            An automatic roof vent opener: Your greenhouse will be supplied with a manual roof vent, but as we all know, the unpredictable British weather can change within the hour. To protect any plants inside from extremes of temperature, this automatic roof vent opener fixes with ease to a standard roof vent and will open automatically when the temperature rises, then close automatically as it drops. This will also give you peace of mind if you are going on holiday or if it is inconvenient for you to have to manually open and close the vents regularly to ensure that the temperature will be just right.

            A 5 blade louvre vent: Ventilation and temperature regulation are essential for maintaining a healthy and thriving growing environment in a greenhouse. A 5 blade louvre integrates neatly and attractively into your greenhouse and provides an additional source of ventilation and temperature control.

            An automatic louvre vent opener: Similar to the automatic roof vent opener, an automatic opening mechanism will be supplied with your 5 blade louvre vent. When fitted to the louvre blades, it will open and close on its own with changes in temperature.

            A standard rainwater kit: You can save money and reduce your environmental impact by setting up a rainwater collection system on your greenhouse. Every Elite greenhouse includes integrated gutters. A rainwater kit contains pipework and outlets for one end of each of these gutters, with stoppers to block the opposite ends. The system works by collecting the rainwater into a barrel or other designated outlet (water barrels are sold separately.) This will enable you to collect rainwater that you can use to water your plants, saving you money and reducing your impact on the environment. If you would prefer the rainwater kit to channel into one gutter, you can order the necessary upgraded parts in the greenhouse options section.

            Slatted Diamond Staging to length: The package includes Elite’s high-quality Diamond Staging, supplied to the same length as your chosen greenhouse. Diamond integrates directly into the structure of your greenhouse using cantilevers for support. This provides you with sturdy staging with an impressive load capacity and also has the advantage of having no “legs.” This enables you to store or grow things underneath your staging and makes your greenhouse more accessible to wheelchairs or wheelbarrows. The number of slats provided will be dependent on the width of greenhouse you are purchasing.

            Slatted Diamond Shelf to length: The package also includes Diamond Shelving. Like the staging, it will be supplied to the same length as your chosen greenhouse and is made to the same, high-quality specifications as the staging. Both the staging and shelving can be at any height in your greenhouse to suit your needs and the number of slats provided will be dependent on the width of greenhouse you are purchasing.

            Grow hooks with 6 eyes: These grow hooks provide you with a simple way to aid plant development. With 6 circular “eyes,” which are easily attached to the roof, you can attach lightweight supports such as tomato string or twine to help foster the development of taller plants.


            We know that not all keen gardeners are blessed with lots of space in their gardens – that’s why Elite created the Compact Aluminium Greenhouse range. With all the same quality features you expect from Elite but with a smaller footprint, having a year-round growing space needn’t be reserved for those with larger gardens. Key features include:

            • Built-in aluminium perimeter base suitable for all grounds with a low-threshold door to aid access
            • Roof vent included to help you regulate temperature and moisture, creating the perfect growing environment
            • Easy-opening double sliding doors, a feature you will rarely see on smaller greenhouses
            • Comes with a 10 year frame guarantee, so you can be confident your greenhouse will last


            Have you always wanted a greenhouse but are concerned you don’t have the space? This problem is all too common with so many people living in urban and suburban areas with small or awkwardly shaped outdoor spaces. It is with this in mind that Elite created the Compact Greenhouse range, perfect for courtyards, patios, roof terraces and urban living. Every Compact Greenhouse is 4ft 3in wide (1.3m) and is available in lengths as short as 4ft 5in (1.35m). This ensures that owning a space of your own to test your green fingers needn’t exclusively be reserved for those who are blessed with larger gardens. As it is smaller and more affordable than the rest of the Elite range, the Compact also makes a perfect first-time greenhouse. Because every part of their greenhouses and all accessories are manufactured in the UK, you also have the peace of mind when ordering from Elite that spare parts and extras can be easily supplied should you ever need them.

            Standard Features

            Elite Compact Greenhouses do not come with a floor but do have a built-in perimeter base. This gives you excellent flexibility over where you can locate your greenhouse, allowing you to construct it on paving slabs, a concrete foundation or even on grass and soil. For a grass or soil base, however, you will need to include a soft soil support with your purchase. The double doors are lowered into the perimeter base, which means there is a low threshold with no awkward step-over when going in and out of your greenhouse. These doors, usually called “dropped” doors by Elite, are also useful for unhindered wheelchair or wheelbarrow access because they are at ground level.

            The double doors are on a sliding track and require only a gentle touch to open. You will seldom see double doors on smaller sizes of greenhouse, so this is a real bonus of purchasing an Elite Compact. They include a durable and lockable door catch for extra peace of mind when storing items inside, with two keys provided. The eaves corners are strengthened to give an even sturdier build and the high tensile nuts and bolts used throughout are another indicator of the quality of Elite Greenhouses. The built-in gutters on the Compact not only allow you to set up a water collection system and assist with drainage, but they also add additional strength to the eaves.

            Elite Greenhouses are always supplied with at least one roof vent as standard and the Compact is no exception. Having ventilation is essential for successful growing in a greenhouse and maintaining a healthy environment for plants. Proper ventilation is needed for regulating moisture levels and maintaining an internal temperature that will help anything growing inside to thrive. The number of vents included is dependent on the length of greenhouse you choose – this will be listed in the detailed specifications or you will be informed by Elite should you choose a custom length. Elite Greenhouses are protected by a 10 year frame guarantee, giving you the confidence that your greenhouse will last.

            Options and Extras

            Elite Greenhouses can be supplied in unlimited lengths. And when we say they can be supplied in unlimited lengths, we really do mean unlimited. Each design, the Compact included, is modular and is constructed from individual, 2ft wide sections. On each greenhouse, we have selected the most popular sizes for you to choose from on the product page, but if you would like a size that is not listed, simply contact us at elbec where we can arrange for a length that suits you to be supplied (to the nearest 2ft of course!)

            Another highly recommended upgrade on an Elite Greenhouse is to add bar capping. Bar capping provides a stronger hold for the glazing and adds a decorative finish to any greenhouse. The capping also has a rubber fin which adds a better water seal between the frame and glass. It is used in addition to the standard wire clips, so adds an extra level of protection – this is highly recommended in more exposed areas. The capping is fixed into position using colour-coded fixings, which do not leave any unsightly silver screw heads on show. Bar capping is a popular choice for both coloured and standard aluminium alloy finish greenhouses. Black bar-capping, for example, is a particularly popular upgrade on aluminium versions.

            With the exception of any bar capping you select, all accessories (such as shelving, staging, roof vents and louvre vents) are supplied in the standard aluminium alloy finish. If you are interested in a colour version of the Elite Compact Greenhouse, you can purchase one through elbec in one of Elite’s 11 standard colours, or get in contact with us if you would like a custom colour. For a custom colour, you will need to provide us with the RAL colour code of the shade you would like – RAL colour charts are simple to find through any search engine.

            The Elite Compact Greenhouse is supplied with horticultural glass as standard, although we would recommend the full-sheet toughened glass option for improved safety and a more professional look. The full-length sheets also do not overlap like they do with the standard horticultural glazing option, greatly reducing the problematic build-up of mold and algae. Toughened glass is a must-have upgrade for improved safety in busy gardens, and homes with pets or children. Customers should also bear in mind that bar capping is only recommended for use with toughened glass greenhouses, so this upgrade is necessary if you would like bar capping.

            The options, extras and accessories available are not limited to what you see on this page. Browse our full range of Elite accessories where you will find automatic roof vent openers, louvre vents, rainwater kits, shelving, staging and plenty of other items that will help you get the best out of your greenhouse.

            Save Money with a Greenhouse Package

            The Elite Compact Aluminium Greenhouse is also available with a package of additional options. Why should you choose a greenhouse package? Simply put, you will save an impressive amount of money (up to 50% can be saved on the accessory bundle) when compared to purchasing the accessories separately. Plus, Elite’s greenhouse packages have been created to provide you with all the essentials you will need to make the most of your new growing space straight away. Read our Greenhouse Package tab on this page for more information. 

            About Elite

            Elite have been producing aluminium greenhouses of the highest quality for over 60 years. Manufactured here in the UK at their factory in Bolton, every Elite greenhouse will leave the factory packaged and distributed with as much care as the very first one back in 1953. And because every product that Elite offer is manufactured in the UK, you have the added peace of mind that spares, replacements and extras can be supplied with ease, without the environmental impact of overseas shipping.

            Not only do they make greenhouses that will last a lifetime, but they sell the biggest range of greenhouses, with the widest choice of colours and the very best accessories available, on the market. Using their own dedicated fleet of vehicles, Elite ensure your greenhouse arrives ready to assemble, so you can get to work enjoying the benefits of your very own growing space as soon as possible. All Elite Greenhouse components conform to British Standards and every greenhouse is backed by a 10 year guarantee.

            Additional Details about your Order

            Elite believe, and we are inclined to agree, that the best way to decide on the perfect greenhouse for you is to see one in person. We would love to welcome you to our show site at Brookfields Garden Centre in Nottingham to take a look at our Elite Greenhouses to see the quality and features for yourself.

            The Elite Compact Greenhouse comes flat packed for self-assembly. All Elite greenhouses come with their own set of comprehensive instructions. For most sized greenhouses, depending upon your DIY ability and helpers available, the building can be completed within a weekend. The majority of greenhouses are constructed onto a solid foundation surface, such as paving slabs or concrete. However, if your greenhouse is being constructed onto soil or grass, you will need to order a Soft Soil Support.

            Please Note: Image shows the 4' x 4' Elite Compact Aluminium Greenhouse with optional full-sheet toughened glass, optional staging and optional white bar capping. Please refer to the Detailed Specification table for standard features and optional extras.

            Key Features

            • 3mm horticultural glass as standard
            • Aluminium alloy finish
            • Integral alloy base suitable for all surfaces (soft soil support may be required)
            • A minimum of one large roof vent
            • Cambered sill (low threshold) for ground level access
            • Lockable doorcatch and two keys provided
            • Aluminium integral gutter provides extra structural strength and drainage
            • Stainless steel clips
            • High tensile nuts and bolts
            • 10 year frame guarantee
            • Easy-opening double sliding doors
            • FREE UK mainland delivery*
            • Wide range of upgrades options and extras



            On Order
            Once you have placed your order you will receive three automatic emails from elbec about your order.

            Booking Delivery

            Towards the end of the delivery timescale you’ll be contacted by telephone by our manufacturer’s delivery team with a delivery date. Your delivery is made by Elite’s own transport.

            Delivery Leadtimes

            The estimated delivery lead time for this product is identified on the product page above (please be aware if ordering a powder coated colour greenhouse these can take up to 8 weeks). Lead times are in working days (Monday - Friday) excludes Bank Holidays. These estimated lead times are provided by the manufacturer and are not guaranteed - due to fluctuation in demand - but are provided in good faith and are representative of delivery at that time. Some remote areas will take a little longer.

            Upon Delivery

            Delivery is between 7am to 7pm. Your order is a kerbside delivery in many instances the driver can deliver your order either to the side of your property or the back. You do not have to be present on the day of the delivery. If you are unable to be present please can you let the delivery team know when they call to book in your delivery date, as they will be able to leave the item somewhere safe this would be at your own risk. There must be no access or restriction issues. Unfortunately we will not be able to go through your property.

            Delivery Areas:

            A delivery surcharge may apply to deliveries offshore or some remote parts of Scotland.  Please contact our Sales Team through our 'Contact Us' Section.