Popular Sheds

You’ll only find a minimum of 12mm tongue and groove wall cladding in our ‘Popular’ range and all come with a minimum 10 year anti-rot guarantee. You are paying that little extra for a more protected shed and a longer lasting shed. Built with interlocking horizontal panels providing a stronger shed and on the shiplap tongue and groove there is a drainage lip on each panel acting as a barrier against the intrusion of rainwater thereby protecting the shed from the elements meaning a lesser chance of the wood becoming swollen or rotting. These sheds are also finished in a smooth timber making them more attractive and easier to maintain. The experts say that shiplap tongue and groove is seen as a ‘luxury’ shed yet elbec’s pricing stills allows these sheds to be in our popular range.

Look out for our Shire sheds in this range which have a tongue and groove floor, joinery windows and opening windows such as our Guernsey and Jersey sheds as you’ll be surprised at their prices for so many extra benefits. With our Sheriff sheds most areas we offer a 48 hour delivery so you can have delivery for the weekend. With these sheds you’re offered safe and secure storage particularly those with tongue and groove floors so you’ll be able to store heavier items like sit on mowers. It’s these benefits that make this range our ‘buyer’s choice’.

You’ll see below just how our ‘Pricewise’, ‘Popular’ and ‘Professional’ range compare:

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