Protek Royal Exterior Paint 2.5 Litres - Walnut

Protek Royal Exterior Paint 2.5 Litres - Walnut Colour Swatch with Pot
Protek Royal Exterior Paint 2.5 Litres - Walnut Colour Swatch with PotProtek Royal Exterior Paint 2.5 Litres - Walnut Colour Sample SwatchProtek Royal Exterior Wood Finish - Paint Colour ChartProtek Royal Exterior Wood Finish Sample Pots of Paint

Protek Royal Exterior Paint 2.5 Litres - Walnut


Product Code - 1010120014-WALNUT

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            Product Name: Protek Royal Exterior Paint 2.5 Litres - Walnut
            Coverage: 1 Litre covers per coat approximately 6-10m sq
            Number of Coats Required: 2-3 with the 3rd coat increasing the colour density
            Finish: Satin with sheen increasing with further coats
            Primer Required: No
            Apply By: Brush, Roller or Low Pressure Spray Gun
            Drying Time: Touch Dry in 2 hours (in normal weather conditions)
            VOC and Odour: Low
            Maintenance: Re-apply every 2-3 years (depending on levels of wear & tear and exposure
            Suitable For: Softwood, Hardwood, Vertical & Horizontal surfaces, Planed & Rough-Sawn timber, Sheds, Summerhouses, Log Cabins, Gates, Garden Structures
            Weather Resistant: Yes
            Mould Inhibitor: Yes
            Safety: Complies with EN71 parts 2 and 3 relating to child toy safety and flammability
            Available In: Sample Pot, 1 Litre, 2.5 Litres and 5 Litres
            Tips: A lighter stain effect can be produced by applying a single coat of a colour with Royal Exterior Clear on top to provide full levels of protection
            Complementary Colour(s): Other natural wood stains, e.g. Golden Oak or Hazelnut; 'Natural' colours like greys or greens; off whites, especially creamy colours


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            Walnut Protek Royal Exterior is an elegant, rich and deep shade that has been a firm favourite in design for many centuries. This superb, nutty colour is right at home in a traditional garden design or used alongside other natural colours. The key features of this treatment include:

            • Manufactured to be as environmentally friendly as possible
            • Quick-drying and safe for use around children, pets and plants
            • Provides a rich, long lasting colour while still allowing the natural appeal of the wood grain to show through
            • Adds excellent water resistance as well as fantastic protection from mould, fungus, rot and weathering



            A beautifully elegant, rich and deep shade that has been a firm favourite in design for many centuries, Protek Royal Exterior in Walnut is a superb, nutty colour. It is perhaps most at home in a traditional garden setting, making use of complementary, natural wood stains to bring the best out of your garden. For this effect, you might consider a pairing with Golden Oak or perhaps Hazelnut. However, it is not just wood stains that complement Walnut superbly. We regularly see pairings with off-whites, other “natural” colours like certain shades of green or grey, and even with dark colours to create striking contrasts. In short, Walnut can be used in a number of different ways with great effect.

            As a darker wood stain, Walnut is ideal for use on old or tired timber. For covering up the marks, scuffs, blemishes and weathering that can occur over the years, any of the darker shades in the Royal range will get the job done in style. On top of this, Protek Royal Exterior comes highly recommended by a number of manufacturers of timber garden products. This is thanks to the number of excellent colours that are available, not to mention how it creates a waterproof barrier and provides a superb level of protection from rot, fungus and weathering.

            Another advantage of Walnut, and indeed most of the paints in the Royal range, is that you can create a different colour effect with the number of coats you apply. In one or two coats, perhaps with a layer of “Clear” treatment on top, it is a more transparent shade that really allows the wood grain to show through. Alternatively, by applying a third coat, a deeper, richer Walnut shade is achieved which so many customers love. We most often see this traditional wood stain used for the exterior of garden buildings to give a natural, wooden backdrop to our customers’ gardens. However, it is also extremely popular for timber outdoor furniture and garden structures.

            What’s more, we’re so confident in Protek at elbec that every wooden building at our showsite in Nottingham is treated with a product from the Protek range. Come and see the quality for yourself!

            Sample Pot

            Unsure about how the colour will look? We offer sample pots for every Protek product we sell. You can purchase a 125ml sample pot of Protek Royal Exterior in Walnut. These pots are ideal for testing out how the treatment will look painted on your chosen surface, and can give you an idea of how well your chosen shade will suit your garden. Colour can vary based on many factors, such as the type of surface treatment is painted onto or how many coats are used, so many customers opt for the peace of mind that comes with trying out a colour before purchasing a larger quantity. Sample pots are also popular for customers who need just a small amount of treatment for accents, highlights, finishing touches, or small decorative designs. Alternatively, you can browse our full range of Protek Royal Exterior sample pots if you would like to explore more treatment and colour options.


            Protek Royal Exterior provides a rich, long-lasting colour while still allowing the qualities of the timber and the natural beauty of the wood grain to show through. It is ideal for hardwood or softwood and will last for anywhere between two and five years, depending on levels of wear and tear or exposure to the elements. Royal Exterior penetrates the top layers of your timber and creates a coating on the surface. It is also a joinery grade treatment which gets into all the joins and cracks of your timber to offer maximum protection. By treating your timber with Protek, you get an excellent level of water resistance as well as superb protection from mould, rot, fungus and weathering. The weatherproof layer that Protek paint forms even works on horizontal surfaces, unlike cheaper alternatives.

            Treated wood also benefits from UV protection as the resins and acrylics filter UV and slow down the effects of colour fading. While providing this excellent protection, Protek creates a microporous coating, which allows the timber to breathe; this is essential for the longevity of your treated wood. When dry, it forms a hard, durable surface. Besides the excellent protection this offers your timber, it also ensures that no colouring will rub off onto your clothes, for example, unlike alternative treatments on the market. Our wood stains are also designed to be flexible and move with timber as it expands and contracts with the seasons.

            Protek Royal Exterior is a water-based treatment. This gives it a number of advantages over other types of treatment. Because water is the “carrier” in Protek, this means that when the paint dries it is water that evaporates, not an oil or white spirit. This gives Protek a low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) rating and a low odour. Protek also use a biodegradable fungicide to minimise the impact of its products on the environment. On top of this, Protek Royal Exterior complies with EN71 parts 2 and 3 relating to child toy safety and flammability. For all these reasons, Protek Royal Exterior has been deemed suitable for use around pets, plants and children, provided a period of 24 hours for the treatment to completely dry is allowed before allowing contact with animals or soil. It will, however, be touch dry within two hours in normal weather conditions.

            If you want to know more about how to get the best results from using Protek Royal Exterior, as well as useful, additional information on the product, please read through our “tips for use,” which you will find above.


            2.5 litres of Protek Royal Exterior will be able to cover approximately 15-25 square metres of timber per coat. Rough sawn timber will require more paint than smooth planed, and different timber will vary. However, this quantity makes it perfectly suited to smaller garden buildings, like tool stores or small sheds, as well as arbours and pergolas. There is also ample paint for a set of garden furniture, a large picnic table, or a number of garden trellis panels. If you feel unsure about the 2.5 litre option being enough for your needs, we recommend looking at Protek's own paint coverage calculator. It is recommended that you apply a second coat Royal Exterior to ensure the timber is fully protected and your finish is consistent. However, a light stain effect that shows off the character of the timber's natural grain can be achieved by applying a single coat of this colour, with an additional coat of Royal Exterior Clear on top to provide full levels of protection.

            About Protek

            Protek is a family run business that was established in the 1980s. They manufacture a range of high-quality wood stains, decorative timber coatings and preservatives. They design treatments that are effective and long lasting with the aim of protecting the user, their timber products and the environment. They use only water-based treatments as they are generally the most environmentally friendly. All of their products are manufactured at their factory in the UK and they are continually striving to improve the efficiency of their processes and environmental credentials.

            Important Note on Colour

            Although the colour we show with each product is as close as possible to how it will look when painted on timber, there will be variations in colour interpretation on different screens (computer screens, tablet devices, mobile phones etc.) and printing processes may slightly alter the colours. Because of this, the colour you see on your screen, or even if you print out our product information page, may vary from how the colour of the treatment appears in reality. Final colour, when painted, may also be affected by the timber that your paint is applied to (pale softwood as opposed to dark hardwood, for example) and could be affected if you are over-coating previous treatments. If you have any doubts, sample pots are available or you can visit elbec’s showsite where we can show you samples of the whole colour range applied to wooden swatches.

            Tips for use

            • Protek products have an “in the can” shelf life of two years if they are stored sealed and protected from frost. If stored for an extended period, pigments and raw materials may settle. By thoroughly stirring the paint, performance will not be affected if your treatment has been stored correctly.
            • As with many wood treatments, it is strongly recommended that they are applied in good weather, ideally at a time when no rainfall is forecast for around 48 hours after application. It should also be applied in temperatures higher than 8 degrees Celsius.
            • Its self-priming properties mean no extra purchases are required to get started with painting. However, when applying to bare timber, it is recommended that you apply a knotting agent or stain blocking primer (preferably both) prior to use to help prevent resin “bleeding” through the paint.
            • Especially with lighter treatment shades, it is strongly recommended that you take advantage of Protek’s range of wood preparation products. Without appropriate care before painting, lighter colours in particular are prone to discolouring due to tannin bleed from the wood, a natural but avoidable problem if the right steps are taken. For the best results, customers should use Protek’s Wood Preserver or Wood Preserver Plus in conjunction with Stain Blocking Primer before applying Protek.
            • Protek Royal Exterior meets safety and environmental standards that make it safe to use around children, pets and plants. However, you should wait 24 hours before allowing pets, soil or children to come into contact with anything that has been painted as a precaution.  
            • Royal Exterior works most effectively on a two coat application basis. On some rough sawn timber, one coat may suffice, but if you are treating a garden building (such as a shed, summerhouse or log cabin) you should always apply at least two coats. This will ensure optimal waterproofing.
            • Protek Royal Exterior is “touch dry” within 2 hours in normal conditions. You should wait at least this long after each coat before applying any further coats of paint.
            • You may wish to apply a third coat to enhance the solidity and depth of the colour, but this is a matter of personal preference. Please be aware that more than three coats may de-stabilise the coating. This is because coats will start sticking to each other, rather than the timber, and this could result in premature peeling.
            • Each colour gives a “satin” effect as the paint is translucent, allowing the wood grain to show through. The sheen will increase with further coats.
            • Protek can be used to paint over old treatments, even if they were spirit based or creosote. This coating should be well weathered and the surface onto which you are painting should be clean. For Royal Exterior to work at its best, it is advised that old coatings are sanded back to the bare wood prior to the application of new treatment.
            • Protek Royal Exterior can be applied using a brush, a roller or a low pressure spray gun. You should clean anything you used to apply the treatment thoroughly afterwards if you wish to make use of it again in the future. Although Royal Exterior is easy to apply, it is a premium treatment; so for best results, customers should use high quality application products (decorator’s standard brushes for example) or consider asking someone with decorating experience for advice.
            • When deciding how much treatment you will need, you should bear in mind that 1 litre of Protek will cover between 6m2 and10m2 of timber. Through elbec, you can make excellent savings when buying additional quantities if you are treating a larger area.
            • We recommend that you reapply Protek every 2-3 years depending on the level of wear and tear, or in line with the care instructions given by the manufacturer of the product you are treating. Customers should always make sure to familiarise themselves with the care instructions of their timber products because it can sometimes invalidate a manufacturer’s guarantee if they are not adhered to.
            • A popular choice, if customers would like the lighter colour of a single coat but with the added protection of 2 or 3 coats, is to apply a single coat of your chosen colour and then apply Royal Exterior’s “Clear” wood stain on top. This should help you to achieve the desired effect.