4m x 4m (13' x 13') Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs)

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4m x4m Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs) - In Situ, Doors Closed
  • 4m x4m Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs) - In Situ, Doors Closed
  • 4m x4m Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs) - In Situ, Doors Open
  • 4m x4m Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs) - White Background, Doors Closed
  • 4m x4m Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs) - White Background, Doors Open
  • 4m x4m Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs) - Internal View
  • 4m x4m Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs) - Door Framing
  • 4m x4m Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs) - Internal Rear View
  • 4m x4m Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs) - Plan View
  • 4m x4m Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs) - Dimensions
  • 4m x4m Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs) - Footprint

4m x 4m (13' x 13') Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs)

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  • 4m x 4m (13' x 13') Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs)£2,499.99


            The 13 x 13 Corner Log Cabin from Mercia allows you to add real style to an otherwise unused or neglected corner of your garden while giving you valuable extra usable space for your home. With an attractive exterior that is specially designed to be a perfect fit for almost any corner of any garden, the Mercia Corner is certain to turn a dull part of your outdoor space into a real talking point.

            At elbec, we are confident that our log cabins are the perfect way to make the most of your unused garden space and provide a wonderful spot to relax in comfort all year round.

            Ways to Make the Most of Your Mercia Corner Log Cabin

            As a way to make the most out of a dull or uninspiring corner of your garden, there is little better than a Mercia Corner Log Cabin. Giving you valuable extra room by making the most of unused parts of your garden, a log cabin is great when you are running out of space in your home or have plans for home improvement that are limited by your available room. With the Mercia Corner, the clever design fits in almost any garden corner, meaning that you will be given plenty of new, usable space while taking up surprisingly little of your garden. The ideal place for work or leisure, there are plenty of ways to make the most of a Corner Log Cabin. As somewhere to host dinner or drinks with family and friends, the Corner would provide a stylish setting for entertaining guests. Your new log cabin could also be perfect for any hobbies and leisure activities that you have found restricted by space in your home. Whether you would like a home music studio but don’t have the space in your house for all the equipment, or if you have an exercise bike that’s gathering dust in storage, the Corner could be the solution. Alternatively, a log cabin could make the ideal home office. Away from any distractions you may have in your home and in the calming outdoor setting of your garden, many find that this is an ideal atmosphere for focusing on work. Plus, with its two opening windows, you can control the inside temperature with ease. Throwing it open in the summer to allow a cool breeze or shutting it in the colder months to seal you away from the elements will really enable you to get the best out of your log cabin. With so many ways you can take advantage of your new log cabin, you are certain to appreciate your Mercia Corner Log Cabin however you decide to use it.

            Why the Mercia Corner Might Be For You

            Quite simply, customers are always impressed by how fantastic a Mercia Corner looks in their garden, especially allows you to make use of a part of your outdoor space that so often goes to waste and really brings it to life. The Corner’s design makes sure that it will be a perfect fit for almost any corner of any garden. The practical reasons for this design choice are more than matched by how eye-catching this makes the Mercia Corner, and the way the front curves round really does look stylish in any setting. The curved front also means you are given fantastic, wide open views when relaxing inside through the two side windows and the glazed double doors. This really brings the best of the outdoors into your cabin while you remain snug and comfortable. You can also choose to include a Georgian style window bar pack with your purchase if you would like to add a traditional touch to your log cabin. Generous headroom and plentiful natural light also make the interior feel bright and airy, making spending time inside a real pleasure. The wonderful finish to the timber walls leaves you with an incredibly charming log cabin that is sure to impress. Our customers often like to personalise their log cabins by painting them. Many manufacturers recommend that you use Protek paint, available from elbec in a wide variety of colours. By using Protek Royal Exterior, you can make the Corner Log Cabin look exactly how you want it while adding important extra protection to the timber. Whether you favour a more traditional log cabin look, for which their range of ‘natural’ colours would be appropriate, or a more colourful, modern look, Protek have a colour to suit any taste.


            The Corner Log Cabin has a number of standard features that show its excellence, with plenty of options to upgrade to add further quality touches to your cabin. Supplied as standard with heavy duty roofing felt, this creates a weatherproof barrier and helps to prevent wood rot and weather damage. With thick and sturdy roof joists, you can be certain that your roof sits on a strong and stable frame. The robust 28mm tongue and groove wall cladding included as standard ensures that the Corner is snug on the inside and sealed away from the elements. You have the option to upgrade the thickness of these wall logs to 34mm or 44mm, a great option for making the interior even cosier all year round. The interior is further sealed from the elements by the log cabin’s overlapping corners, with its four way corner joints also adding stability and durability to the Corner. The windows and double doors are fitted with 4mm toughened glass, ensuring a safer, more secure window pane. This can be upgraded to quality double glazing to add extra year-round usability to your cabin. The double doors are secure and lockable and a key is included. This provides valuable extra peace of mind, particularly when leaving items in your cabin overnight. Sturdy floor bearers provide additional support for your log cabin as well as helping to protect against damp and rot. 16mm tongue and groove roof and flooring completes this quality log cabin package, providing you with a sturdy, durable roof and a robust floor that can support heavy loads. With a 10 year anti-rot guarantee included with all these high quality features, you really can be certain you will be purchasing a log cabin that will stand up to the test of time. We’re pleased to offer the option of booking our dedicated professionals who will assemble your log cabin quickly and correctly. However, you can choose to use the comprehensive instructions included with the log cabin and construct it yourself.

            About Your Log Cabin Order

            If you think that a Mercia Corner Log Cabin would be perfect for you, take a look at our delivery information. If you would like any extra details, feel free to email us to discuss your order and our full range of product options, or better still, give us a call so we can find the perfect log cabin to suit your needs.

            Alternatively, why not visit us at our Brookfields Garden Centre showsite near Nottingham? One of our helpful advisors will be on hand to show you around or to help guide you through your order in person. Though if there is a particular garden building you would like to see, we recommend contacting us in advance to find out if we have it, or one similar, on site.

            All Mercia Log Cabins are supplied untreated. You must apply a wood treatment to the exterior. Many manufacturers recommend Protek wood treatment, available from elbec in many different colours. This will protect the timber from weathering, making it last longer. The timber treatment will need to be repeated periodically in line with the manufacturer's instructions.


            ALL DELIVERIES ARE DELIVERED TO KERBSIDE OR DRIVEWAY. All of our Mercia products are delivered flat packed other than fence panels (which are delivered fully constructed), direct to your home, and are supplied with a set of instructions to support assembly.

            Booking Delivery

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            Please note: Mercia Metal Sheds ONLY - your order is delivered by a courier you will not be notified prior to the delivery. If you are not in on the day of the delivery you will be carded and asked to contact the courier to arrange a new mutual delivery date. The estimated delivery lead time for Mercia's Metal sheds is identified on the product for the metal shed. Lead times are on working days (Monday - Friday) excludes Bank Holidays. These estimated lead times are provided by the manufacturer. Some remote areas will take a little longer.

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            We would recommend against arranging for a third party to install the building before it's been delivered and checked that all parts are present, as we cannot be held liable for any third-party costs.


            Orders with Assembly 

            The lead time for our installation option is around 7 Weeks from the date of order. With the installation option, the majority of orders will have their delivery and installation on separate days; there will be a small number of orders which will have delivery and installation on the same day. You will be advised by the manufacturer's installation team which category your order falls into.

            Depending on the installation option for your order, you will be contacted within the delivery timescale and given a date for either delivery/assembly on the same date or a separate date for delivery and assembly.


            Please note: all imperial measurements are approximate, and the Mercia Log Cabins are made from metric measurements. We would recommend that the base is at least 50mm bigger in each direction.

            Product Name:
            4m x 4m (13' x 13') Mercia Corner Log Cabin (28mm to 44mm Logs)
            Footprint External Base Depth:**
            3.81m (12'6")
            Footprint External Base Front Width:**
            3.81m (12'6")
            Footprint Internal Base Depth:**
            28mm Logs - 3750mm (12'4")
            34mm Logs - 3740mm (12'3")
            44mm Logs - 3710mm (12'2")
            Footprint Internal Base Width:**
            28mm Logs - 3750mm (12'4")
            34mm Logs - 3740mm (12'3")
            44mm Logs - 3710mm (12'2")
            Front Roof Overhang:
            Side Roof Overhang:
            Height to Eaves:
            2.37m (7'9")
            Height to Ridge:
            2.87m (9'5")
            Floor Included:
            Floor Thickness:
            16mm Tongue and Groove
            Floor Bearers:
            44 x 44mm Pressure Treated - Side to Side floor bearers
            Roof Thickness:
            16mm Tongue and Groove
            Roof Joists:
            40 x 90mm
            Window and Door Joinery:
            Information currently unavailable
            Double Door -?Double Glazed Toughened Safety Glass
            Door Height:
            ?1.88m (6'2")
            Door Width:
            1.49m (4'11")
            Number of Window(s):
            2 x Opening Window
            Window Glazing:
            Double Glazed Toughened Safety Glass
            Window Height:
            1.2m (3'11")
            Window Width:
            0.68m (2'3")
            Door and Window Reversible:
            Positioning of Window Hinges:
            Hinged at the Top of the Window
            Roofing Felt:
            Green Mineral Felt
            Roof Felt Weight (approx):
            Roofing Felt Tiles (Black, Green or Red):
            Upgrade to Toughened Glass:
            Upgrade to Double Glazing:
            supplied as standard
            Additional Side Window:
            Window Boxes:
            Self assembly
            Optional Assembly:
            FSC Certified:
            Free Delivery*:
            Manufacturer's Product Code:
            EAN Number:
            28mm Logs - 5029442002699
            34mm Logs - 5029442005546
            44mm Logs - 5029442005553
            Mercia Garden Products LTD
            Country of Origin:
            United Kingdom
            Made to Measure Service Available:


            The 13 x 13 Mercia Corner Log Cabin gives you a perfect way to add extra usable space to your home by taking advantage of an otherwise unused or awkward and dull corner of your garden. Specially designed to fit in almost any garden corner, the key features of this log cabin include:

            • Stylish, curved design that makes the cabin a perfect fit for almost any garden corner

            • Features 2 opening windows and double doors all glazed with durable safety glass as standard or with optional double glazing

            • Includes a 10 year anti-rot guarantee in addition to its sturdy and weatherproof construction

            • Door is supplied with a mortise lock and key for extra security

            Key Features

            • Curved frontage specially designed to fit and look great in any garden corner
            • Double doors supplied with mortise lock and key for extra security
            • Sturdy and weatherproof construction protecting the inside from the elements
            • Includes a 10 year anti-rot guarantee
            • 28mm tongue and groove cladding ensuring the interior is snug, with option to upgrade to 34mm or 44mm logs
            • Opening windows fitted with durable safety glass as standard with optional double glazing

            • Supplied with heavy duty roofing felt, creating a weatherproof barrier and helps prevent wood rot and weather damage
            • Four way corner joints adding stability and durability
            • Sturdy floor bearers provide additional support for  as well as helping to protect against damp and rot
            • 16mm tongue and groove roof that is sturdy and durable
            • 16mm tongue and groove flooring gives a robust floor that can support heavy loads
            • Professional installation available