5 x 3 (1.55m x 0.83m) Biohort Equipment Locker 150

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5 x 3 (1.55m x 0.83m) Biohort Equipment Locker 150 - Metallic silver
  • 5 x 3 (1.55m x 0.83m) Biohort Equipment Locker 150 - Metallic silver
  • 5 x 3 (1.55m x 0.83m) Biohort Equipment Locker 150 - Quartz Grey
  • 5 x 3 (1.55m x 0.83m) Biohort Equipment Locker 150 - Dark Grey
  • 5 x 3 (1.55m x 0.83m) Biohort Equipment Locker 150 - Dimensions
  • 5 x 3 (1.55m x 0.83m) Biohort Equipment Locker 150 - In situ - Metallic silver
  • Diagram showing protective coating layers on Biohort steel sheds
  • Biohort Equipment Locker 150 - Features
  • Biohort Equipment Locker 150 - Accessories included
  • Biohort Equipment Locker 150 - Dark grey metallic - customer photo
  • 5 x 3 (1.55m x 0.83m) Biohort Equipment Locker 150 - In situ - Metallic silver
Biohort - Metallic SilverBiohort - Metallic Quartz GreyBiohort - Metallic Dark Grey

Key Features


20 Year anti-rot guarantee
20 Year anti-rot guarantee

5 x 3 (1.55m x 0.83m) Biohort Equipment Locker 150

NEW - Guarantee - 20 year - gold

Product Code - 13020056

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Usually delivered: 3 Weeks. (+10 Extra Working Days with Installation Option).

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            One of the joys of purchasing a high-quality garden storage unit like the Biohort Equipment Locker 150 is its extremely long lifespan relative to many garden buildings. A durable steel plate construction means that Biohort's Equipment Locker can provide a place to store items for many years to come. This lifespan, paired with some very handy features included in the locker, means Biohort Equipment Locker is among the best on the market. A metal unit like this one brings the security and durability often missing from units built with timber; when lower-end outdoor storage units are not cutting it, customers appreciate the high quality materials found in the Equipment Locker.

            The coating applied to the galvanised steel plate featuring throughout this unit uses long-lasting polyamide, which will keep its rich and consistent colour for many, many years. This surface is rainproof and easy to clean. Choose from four colours when ordering to create your desired visual impression.


            Despite its relatively compact size, the Biohort Equipment Locker is filled with many features that give the locker its premium status among the garden storage units offered by elbec. For example, integrated into the design of the locker is an organisational system that consists of two shelves, four tool hangers, and six suspension hooks. These fix to the interior walls of the locker and the inside of its door respectively. This resolves any issues with organising your tools and implements, reducing mess inside your locker.

            Security is paramount when it comes to storing more expensive items like hedge trimmers or golf clubs. Luckily, Biohort includes a standard cylinder lock in the twist-grip door handle featured on this equipment locker. A spare key is also included.

            It is difficult to overstate the impressive strength and durability of the Biohort Equipment Locker's underlying structure. The steel plate used throughout the locker has been hot-dip galvanised with molten zinc, before having a polyamide coating applied for even further protection against corrosion. Quite simply, this locker is likely to stand strong for decades after purchase, and will keep its colour. Through wind tunnel testing, Biohort ascertained that their products are capable of withstanding a wind speed that measured 12 on the Beaufort wind force scale – more than the force of a violent storm.

            Stainless steel connecting parts are used, including all screws and hinges. A handy door hook can keep the single door held in place when the locker is in use.


            Many items in Biohort's wide range of accessories can be added to the Biohort Equipment Locker for great results when it comes to broadening the uses of your locker. Those interested in creating a more dry environment should browse the Aluminium Floor Frame for Equipment Locker, and Aluminium Floor Panel for Equipment Locker. If maximising storage in a sensible manner is your goal, consider the addition of a Suspension Basket. The black polyester netting of this item is great at catching and holding smaller items you might throw into the locker which you would rather spend precious time looking for later down the line.

            Please note: Images may depict furnishings and accessories; these are for illustration purposes only and are not included with your order.  Please consult the specification table for the standard features included in your Equipment Locker.

            Additional Information

            Due to the incredible longevity of the Equipment Locker's core construction material - the hot-dip galvanised steel plate with a polyamide enamel finish - Biohort has the confidence to back up their product with a 20-year guarantee against corrosion. This ought to give any owner peace of mind in rainy months for many years to come.

            Your Biohort Equipment Locker will be delivered in a disassembled state, ready to be put together at home. elbec recommends that you assemble your locker with the help of a friend, and have some patience; completing the building project is often immensely satisfying for new owners. Make sure to follow the illustrated instruction manual provided by the manufacturer.

            About Biohort

            Biohort is a beacon of quality, functionality, and safety in garden storage solutions. Underpinned by a customer-centric approach, their products epitomise durability and thoughtful design. Biohort is a top choice for metal sheds, tool cabinets and storage boxes in the UK. With a rich heritage spanning over 30 years, Biohort exemplifies European craftsmanship and innovation, leveraging extensive experience to produce unique, high-quality products. Biohort distinguishes itself through the durability of its garden structures, crafted from superior coated steel that withstands weather and corrosion. The resilience is evidenced by an exceptional 20-year limited guarantee against rust and corrosion, underscoring the brand's commitment to quality and the reliability you can expect from a Biohort shed.



            Booking Your Delivery

            After placing your order you will be contacted by email towards the end of the timescale by Biohort the manufacturer with general delivery information and a link to track your delivery. You will subsequently be contacted by the carrier with a delivery date and time for your order.

            Please Note: To be able to make the delivery to you, you will need to ensure that there is width clearance of 3 metres, and height clearance of 4 metres, and accessible for a 38-tonne vehicle to pass and turn. Should you require a smaller vehicle, you will need to inform elbec as soon as possible. Any delay in doing so could incur an additional charge.

            Upon Delivery
            Delivery is between 7am-7pm. Your order is delivered either kerbside or on your driveway. Unfortunately, due to insurance liabilities regarding health and safety, the driver will be not able to take your goods through to the back of your property but may be requested to place the product at the side of the house if there are no access issues. We would not risk damaging your property while delivering a product to an unsafe location. We will not be able to go through your property.

            It is important that the customer notes any damage to any of the boxes upon delivery on the delivery documents in case any of the parts inside are damaged.

            Installation Option

            PLEASE NOTE: The following postal codes incur an installation surcharge.  Please contact elbec for charges:  KW1-14, IV1-40, IV52-54, AB10-16, AB21-25, AB30-45, AB51-56, AB99, DD1-DD11, PH1-41, PH49-50. PA1-38, PA80, TR1-27, TQ1-14, PL1-35, PL95.

            If you would like to have this product installed by our manufacturer's assembly team, please contact us for a price using the 'Contact Us' link here.  Installation may take up to three weeks from the date of delivery.

            We do not offer installation ONLY to the following postal codes: KW15-17, IV41-49, IV51,55,56,63, PH42-44, KA27-28, PA41-49, PA60-78, HS1-9, ZE1-3, BT, IM, LL58-77, PO30-41


            Product Name:
            5 x 3 (1.55m x 0.83m) Biohort Equipment Locker 150
            Colour(s) Available:
            Metallic Silver, Metallic Quartz Grey, Metallic Dark Grey
            Exterior Width:
            155cm (5'1")
            Exterior Length:
            83cm (2'9")
            Interior Width:
            150m (4'11")
            Interior Length:
            78m (2'7")
            Footprint/Foundation Width:
            155cm (5'1")
            Footprint/Foundation Length:
            83cm (2'9")
            Ridge Height:
            Eaves Height:
            Hot-dipped galvanized, polyamide coated steel plate
            Panel Thickness:
            Manufacturer's Guarantee:
            20-year anti-corrosion guarantee
            Roof Type:
            Flat Roof
            Floor Included:
            × - Optional
            Door Type:
            Door Positioning:
            Front Width
            Door Height:
            170cm (5'7")
            Door Width:
            135cm (4'5")
            Door Lock System:
            2 Way locking mechanism with gas-assisted, twist grip cylinder lock
            Door Fitted with Gas Assisted Spring Damper:
            Window Material:
            Window/Door Panel(s) Interchangeable:
            Fire Resistant:
            Rust Resistant:
            - Invisible integrated ventilation
            Snow Load Capacity:
            150 kg/m2
            Stormproof Capacity:
            150 km/h wind force 12
            Optional Assembly:
            Free Delivery:
            EAN Number:
            9003414340107 - Metallic Silver
            9003414300101 - Metallic Quartz Grey

            9003414310100 - Metallic Dark Grey
            Biohort GmbH
            Country of Origin:
            Integrated Roof Gutter:
            Shelf Set (incld 2 support rails):
            - Extra can be purchased
            Corner Shelf Set (triangular):
            Shelf 61 x 43cm (2 piece):
            Large Shelves:
            Shelf Support Rails:
            Tool Hanger(s) (4 piece):
            - Extra can be purchased
            2 Tool Holder(s):
            Hook Set:
            Integrated Organiser System for Door (incl 6 hooks):
            Wind Hooks:
            Lid Storage Net
            Bicycle Storage Rail, Extendable (1 piece):
            Bicycle Holder Set "BikeHolder":
            Window Unit:
            Electrical Mounting Panel:
            LED Lighting:
            Folding Table:
            Suspension Basket:
            Side Canopy:
            Side Wall for Side Canopy:
            Back Wall for Side Canopy:
            Threshold Access Ramp:
            Ground Screw Foundation:
            Drill Bit:
            Aluminium Floor Frame:
            Aluminium Floor Panel:
            Convert Single Door to Double Door:
            Convert Double Door to Extra Wide Double Door:
            Additional Single Side Door:
            Additional Double Side Door:
            Additional Extra Wide Side Double Door:
            Door Hinged on the Left-Hand Side:
            Intermediate Floor/2 Shelves:
            Mounting Brackets (2 piece) for Wall Attachment:
            Cleaning Products:
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            150, 230


            The 5 x 3 Biohort Equipment Locker 150 is a mid-sized storage unit that offers plenty of security and durability in its galvanised steel construction. Some of its best features include:

            • Dedicated storage solutions are included: wall-mounted shelves, tool hangers, and much more with potential for upgrades
            • Locking double doors use a key and are soft-closing thanks to gas-assisted spring dampers
            • Weatherproof construction that requires no maintenance and comes with 20-year guarantee against corrosion
            • Choose from several polyamide enamel finishes that are highly durable and keep their colour

            Key Features

            • Free UK Mainland delivery
            • Gas-assisted spring dampers for double doors
            • Lock the twist grip handle securely by key (spare included)
            • Two shelves increase your ability to organise the inside of the locker and use the space wisely
            • Available in four colours for the exterior, with grey-white as standard interior colour
            • Compact footprint while retaining the height to store large tools and other items
            • Six hanging hooks inside the doors
            • Stainless steel connecting points, such as screws and hinges
            • Resistant to even violently stormy weather
            • Subtle ventilation ducts