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Please note: all imperial measurements are approximate and Palram products are made from metric measurements.

Product Name: 8 x 12 (2.44m x 3.63m) Palram Bella Greenhouse - Silver
Footprint (Front Width x Depth): 2.44m x 3.63m (8' x 11'11")
External Dimensions (Front Width x Depth x Height) 2.44m x 3.63m x 2.19m (8' x 11'11" x 7'2")
Internal Dimensions (Front Width x Depth x Height) 2.36m x 3.55m x 2.11m (7'9" x 11'8" x 6'11")
Height to Ridge: 2.19m (7'2")
Height to Eaves: 1.24m (4'1")
Walls: 4mm Twin-wall Polycarbonate panels
Frame: Aluminium
Door: Hinged double doors
Door Opening (Height x Width): 1.78m x 1.16m (5'10" x 3'10")
Door Lock: Turning door handle with facility for padlock (padlock not included)
Roof Type: Bell Shaped Apex
Roof: 6mm Twin-wall Polycarbonate Panels
Base: Galvanized Steel Perimeter Base
Vents: 2 Manual Opening Roof Vent
Integrated Guttering: No
Low Threshold Entry: Yes
Colour: Silver
Optional Accessories: Yes (Refer to Choose Product Options Above)
Other Sizes Available: 8 x 8, 8 x 16, 8 x 20
Assembly: N/A
Manufacturer's Guarantee: 5 Year Defects and Workmanship Warranty
EAN Number 7290108132618
Manufacturer's Part Number 703730
Manufacturer: Palram Applications


Please Note: Because of the lightweight materials, this greenhouse is not suitable for windy or exposed areas. In these circumstances we recommend a glass greenhouse which is heavier and will remain grounded. This greenhouse is also not supplied with a floor, so for greater stability it should be constructed on an appropriate concrete or slab base.


Grow an abundance of organic fruit and vegetables that knock supermarket groceries out of the water, in a curated environment that harnesses the power of sunlight to create the optimal growing space for plants. A greenhouse like the Palram 8x12 Bella Silver is a fine choice for doing so, with a distinct and attractive design that any visitor will remark upon. 

And these bell-shaped curves are not just for show; this shape is excellent at diverting snow and hail that can otherwise build up and eventually damage greenhouses, and also improves resistance to strong winds. Gardening hobbyists will enjoy the flexibility of this 8x12 size, which is large to home many plants but will not take over too much of the garden. At this price, a Palram Bella is a serious contender for any budding gardener looking for a greenhouse with 'something special'.


The 8x12 Bella Silver greenhouse features a variety of components that bring the quality of the overall greenhouse to the next level. This includes two upper manual vents that can be opened to alter the humidity and temperature of your growing area, which is even more effective when used in combination with the double doors to create a draught. A magnetic catch is included with each of the doors that attaches to the magnetised base and allows them to snap in place, keeping the doors open wide.

It would be a mistake to overlook the core materials that give the Bella its fantastic build quality, however. For example, a galvanised steel base lays the groundwork around the greenhouse's perimeter, and an aluminium frame extends the Bella's strength and − like the entirety of the Bella − is resistant against corrosion and rust.


At elbec, we are excited to offer a fantastic range of accessories for those who want to enhance their greenhouse in order to improve its capacity to do certain tasks. Many enjoy the increased control offered by an Automatic Vent Opener, which utilises the ambient air temperature to open up a vent and allow for more airflow. The item requires no electricity. It instead features a wax cylinder that expands and contracts to open and close a piston, all depending on the air temperature.

Those concerned with making the most of their space and having the potential to expand the scale of gardening projects will love the Two Tier Staging. This accessory is freestanding and easily moved thanks to a light polycarbonate structure. It is able to withstand a load of up to 40kg on the top shelf and 160kg on the lower shelf. Perforations on both levels ensure excess water can easily run off.

Additional Features

The Palram 8x12 Bella Silver greenhouse will need to be assembled on a flat section of ground, but comes with its own steel perimeter base for easy building. Assembling the Bella is made simple with written instructions from the manufacturer. Once the base is in place, the aluminium frame is easily screwed in place. Palram's polycarbonate glazing is designed to slot in place in a straightforward manner, and the virtually unbreakable 6 mm wall and roof and 4mm door and window twin-wall polycarbonate panels maintain ideal temperatures and protect from strong sunlight exposure. It might take an afternoon or a whole weekend to assemble your Bella, depending on your DIY experience, but the process can be surprisingly rewarding.

Once complete, the greenhouse requires little maintenance thanks to its rust-free components and great build quality. Palram trusts its workmanship so much that a five-year warranty is offered on the product as standard. Check the manufacturer's instructions regarding the coverage to ensure you have the full details and can make sure your warranty is valid.

Key Features

  • Stunning curved design allows for improved wind resistance and the dispersal of snow
  • Door handle that is padlock-ready to improve security
  • An aluminium frame that is rust-free and robust
  • Two upper vents that can be manually opened to increase ventilation
  • Streamlined guttering system included already for easy rain collection in water butts
  • Galvanised steel perimeter base 
  • Five-year warranty from the manufacturer to provide reassurance 
  • FREE UK Mainland Delivery


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8 x 12 (2.44m x 3.63m) Palram - Canopia Bella Greenhouse - Silver


Product code - 121011038


Description Information

The Palram 8x12 Bella Silver greenhouse is a visually stunning garden building, with a bell-shaped structure that offers improved wind resistance alongside its looks. Some key features of this range include:

  • A unique design that makes the most of polycarbonate's flexible nature 
  • Twin-wall polycarbonate glazing is long-lasting and hard to damage
  • This semi-transparent glazing is used in both the roof and wall panels 
  • Two upper vents that allow the entry of cool air when manually opened, helping moderate your greenhouse environment

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