8 x 8 (2.44m x 2.44m) Palram - Canopia Bella Greenhouse - Silver

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8 x 8 Palram Bella Greenhouse in Silver
  • 8 x 8 Palram Bella Greenhouse in Silver
  • 8 x 8 Palram Bella Greenhouse in Silver - dimensions
  • 8 x 8 Palram Bella Greenhouse - in situ
  • 8 x 8 Palram Bella Greenhouse - single opening roof vent
  • 8 x 8 Palram Bella Greenhouse- door handle can be locked with a padlock
  • 8 x 8 Palram Bella Greenhouse - galvanised steel base aids stability
  • 8 x 8 Palram Bella Greenhouse - interior view
  • 8 x 8 Palram Bella Greenhouse in Silver - isolated view
  • 8 x 8 Palram Bella Greenhouse in Silver - in situ

8 x 8 (2.44m x 2.44m) Palram - Canopia Bella Greenhouse - Silver


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Palram Automatic Roof Vent Opener
Palram Automatic Roof Vent Opener

The Palram Automatic Vent Opener is designed to help control the temperature and humidity levels in your greenhouse. It helps to provide ventilation for any Palram Greenhouse and does so by opening and closing the vent automatically with changes in temperature. As the air inside the greenhouse warms, the vent gradually opens to allow the correct amount of airflow into the greenhouse until the optimal temperature is reached. The vent arm uses wax that expands and contracts with changes in temperature, which is how the mechanism is able to open and close. The Automatic Vent Opener therefore operates without the use of electricity. Suitable for all Palram greenhouses with opening roof vents and easy to install.

Palram Drip Irrigation Kit
Palram Drip Irrigation Kit

The Palram Drip Irrigation Kit helps to keep your plants properly hydrated. It can be set up to distribute water evenly around your greenhouse, while also eliminating sediments from the fluid. Setting it up is easy and your plants will flourish as a result. It features a pressure regulator and filter system, and a dripping regulator which creates an equal and controlled dispersal of water. The kit includes 10m drip lines; 16 droppers; 19mm adapter; 4 T connector 4/6mm.

Palram Greenhouse Twin Shelf Kit
Palram Greenhouse Twin Shelf Kit

Palram’s Twin Shelf kit is a practical and inexpensive way to save floor space and add extra functionality to your greenhouse. They are constructed from an easy-to-clean PVC plastic and have galvanized steel brackets and fasteners. These materials will resist rust and corrosion in a greenhouse environment. Each shelf can support up to 20kg of evenly distributed weight. They can be quickly dismounted in order to hose or wipe down plant or soil debris that may collect as necessary. The kit includes 2 shelves and they mount easily onto the greenhouse frame. Compatible with all Palram greenhouses. Single shelf: 65cm x 26cm x 16.5cm (Length x Depth x Height)

Palram Heavy Duty Shelf Kit
Palram Heavy Duty Shelf Kit

This durable, heavy-duty shelf kit from Palram is designed to be installed in minutes and is straightforward to remove or reposition. It is made from a robust aluminium and the shelf can support up to 40kg of evenly distributed weight. It is compatible with all Palram greenhouses and will save you floor space. Several can be installed side by side to create a virtually seamless shelving platform. Ideal for storing large pots, soil bags, fertilisers and more. Fixings for mounting are all included. 58cm x 42cm x 20cm (Length x Depth x Height)

Palram Rion Two Tier Staging
Palram Rion Two Tier Staging

Item Is Currently Out of Stock

Palram’s Two Tier Staging is a handy freestanding potting station that is well suited to a greenhouse environment. It is made from durable and easy-to-clean polypropylene that has perforations to allow drainage and airflow. This lightweight but robust potting bench takes up minimal floor space while tripling your available staging space. Quick and easy to install and is lightweight for easy repositioning.


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  • 8 x 8 Bella - Silver£878.12


            The 8x8 Bella Silver greenhouse makes use of the flexible yet strong qualities of polycarbonate glazing to create a design that would be hard to achieve with a traditional glass greenhouse. These curves put a stop to the accumulation of heavy snow loads, which can cause damage to other greenhouses, and makes the structure more resistant to strong winds. 

            An 8x8 footprint makes this model suitable for most gardens, while providing the room for all kinds of garden projects. Hobby gardeners will enjoy the versatility of this greenhouse, from protecting plants from frosty weather in the winter months, to cultivating organic fruit and veg that would put shop-bought produce to shame. There is no better way to take your gardening to the next level than the addition of a greenhouse, and the Palram 8x8 Bella Silver has the build quality and reasonable price to make it a real contender for any budding horticulturist. 


            The 8x8 Bella Silver greenhouse features a variety of components that bring the quality of the overall greenhouse to the next level. This includes an upper vent that can be manually opened to alter the humidity and temperature of your growing area, which is even more effective when used in combination with the double doors to create a draught. A magnetic catch is included with each of the doors that attaches to the magnetised base and allows them to snap in place, keeping the doors open wide.

            It would be a mistake to overlook the core materials that give the Bella its fantastic build quality, however. For example, a galvanised steel base lays the groundwork around the greenhouse's perimeter, and an aluminium frame extends the Bella's strength and − like the entirety of the Bella − is resistant against corrosion and rust.


            At elbec, we are excited to offer a fantastic range of accessories for those who want to enhance their greenhouse in order to improve its capacity to do certain tasks. Many enjoy the increased control offered by an Automatic Vent Opener, which utilises the ambient air temperature to open up your vent and allow for more airflow. The item requires no electricity. It instead features a wax cylinder that expands and contracts to open and close a piston, all depending on the air temperature. 

            Those concerned with making the most of their space and having the potential to expand the scale of gardening projects will love the Two Tier Staging. This accessory is freestanding and easily moved thanks to a light polycarbonate structure. It is able to withstand a load of up to 40kg on the top shelf and 160kg on the lower shelf. Perforations on both levels ensure excess water can easily run off.

            Additional Features

            The Palram 8x8 Bella Silver greenhouse will need to be assembled on a flat section of ground, but comes with its own steel perimeter base for easy building. Assembling the Bella is made simple with written instructions from the manufacturer. Once the base is in place, the aluminium frame is easily screwed in place. Palram's polycarbonate glazing is designed to slot in place in a straightforward manner. Virtually unbreakable 6 mm wall and roof and 4mm door and window twin-wall polycarbonate panels maintain ideal temperatures and protect from strong sunlight exposure. It might take an afternoon or a whole weekend to assemble your Bella, depending on your DIY experience, but the process can be surprisingly rewarding. 

            Once complete, the greenhouse requires little maintenance thanks to its rust-free components and great build quality. Palram trusts its workmanship so much that a five-year warranty is offered on the product as standard. Check the manufacturer's instructions regarding the coverage to ensure you have the full details and can make sure your warranty is valid.



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            Please note: all imperial measurements are approximate, and the Palram Greenhouses are made from metric measurements. We would recommend that the base is at least 50mm bigger in each direction.

            Product Name:
            8 x 8 (2.44m x 2.44m) Palram Bella Greenhouse - Silver
            Colours Available:
            Exterior Width (Door Side):
            2.44m (8'0")
            Exterior Length:
            2.44m (8'0")
            Interior Width:
            2.36m (7'9")
            Interior Length:
            2.36m (7'9")
            Footprint Width:
            2.44m (8'0")
            Footprint Length:
            2.44m (8'0")
            Ridge Height:
            2.19m (7'2")
            Eaves Height:
            1.24m (4'1")
            Roof Type:
            Bell Shaped Apex
            6mm Twin-wall Polycarbonate Panels
            4mm Twin-wall Polycarbonate panels
            Galvanized Steel Perimeter Base
            1 Manual Opening Roof Vent
            Integrated Guttering:
            Low Threshold Entry:
            Hinged double doors
            Door Height:
            1.78m (5'10")
            Door Width:
            1.16m (3'10")
            Door Lock:
            Turning door handle with facility for padlock (padlock not included)
            Door Handle:
            Optional Assembly:
            Manufacturer's Guarantee:
            5 Year Defects and Workmanship Warranty
            Product Code:
            Manufacturer's Product Code:
            EAN Number:
            Palram Applications
            Country of Origin:


            The Palram 8x8 Bella Silver is one of the more eye-catching greenhouses available for order from elbec. Its bell-shaped structure gives the Bella a distinct look that is sure to make this greenhouse the talk of any onlookers. Inside, a roomy floor space offers almost endless possibilities for growing fruits and vegetables.

            • A curved aluminium frame produces an elegant yet robust structure
            • Side and upper walls feature twin-wall 'frosted' polycarbonate glazing, which reduces the intensity of sunlight and spreads its warming effect more evenly through the greenhouse
            • Double doors open up the greenhouse to make access far easier
            • Five-year warranty from the manufacturer ensures you can take to the soil without any worries

            Key Features

            • FREE UK Mainland Delivery
            • Stunning curved design allows for improved wind resistance and the dispersal of snow
            • Door handle that is padlock-ready to improve security
            • An aluminium frame that is rust-free and robust
            • Close to eight square feet of internal growing space
            • Upper vent that can be opened manually to increase ventilation
            • Streamlined guttering system included already for easy rain collection in water butts
            • Galvanised steel perimeter base