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Please note: all imperial measurements are approximate and Palram products are made from metric measurements.

Product Name: 8 x 20 (2.39m x 5.98m) Palram Glory Greenhouse - Anthracite Grey
Footprint (Front Width x Depth): 2.39m x 5.975m (7'11" x 19'8")
External Dimensions (Front Width x Depth x Height) 2.445m x 6.03m x 2.685m (8' x 19'9" x 8'10")
Internal Dimensions (Front Width x Depth x Height) 2.375m x 5.96m x 2.62m (7'10" x 19'7" x 8'7")
Height to Ridge: 2.685m (8'10")
Height to Eaves: 1.865m (6'2")
Walls: 10mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Panels
Frame: Aluminium
Door: Sliding single door
Door Opening (Height x Width): 1.88m x 0.805m (6'2" x 2'8")
Door Lock: Key lockable door handle (lock and key supplied)
Roof Type: Apex
Roof: 10mm Multiwall Polycarbonate Panels
Base: Galvanized Steel Perimeter Base
Vents: 4 Automatic Opening Roof Vents and 1 Manual Side Louvre Window
Integrated Guttering: Yes, with 4 integral gutter heads
Low Threshold Entry: Yes
Colour: Anthracite Grey
Optional Accessories: Yes (Refer to Choose Product Options Above)
Other Sizes Available: 6 x 8, 8 x 8, 8 x 12, 8 x 16
Assembly: N/A
Manufacturer's Guarantee: 10 Year Defects and Workmanship Warranty
EAN Number 7290108130164
Manufacturer's Part Number 702210
Manufacturer: Palram Applications


Important Information: Base Information and Anchoring
This Palram Glory greenhouse is not supplied with a floor. It is essential that it is constructed on a suitable concrete or slab base. The Palram Glory range includes an integral grounding system which anchors it to the base, offering structural greenhouse support during harsh weather condition. The optional Palram Anchoring Kit adds extra protection to your greenhouse from strong winds, protecting it in gusts of up to 60 mph. Using the anchoring kit, the greenhouse can be secured to the base of your choosing and anchored into soft or hard surfaces. It is easy to install and, if ordered, will be delivered with your greenhouse.


The colossal 8x20 footprint of this Palram Glory greenhouse makes it just as suitable for commercial use as it is for owners of large gardens who want all the space they can dream of for greenhouse projects. Raise an army of vegetables with this high-quality garden building that has been designed to prioritise the needs of plants. The Glory is packed full of features that show this to be the case, such as built-in guttering that encourages a sustainable irrigation system with the addition of a water butt, and translucent glazing that diffuses harsh sunlight. There are few greenhouses on the market that could pick up the gauntlet thrown down by the Palram Glory when it comes to an appealing blend of functionality, durability, and cost. 


The sheer range of features included with the 8x20 Glory can be overwhelming, but we hope to break it down for you here. The greenhouse's four upper vents open automatically, thanks to an ingenious opener system that uses the ambient thermal energy of your greenhouse to open when the interior is overly warm, and contracts with cooler weather. A secondary mode of ventilation is provided by the louvre style vent at the side, which can let in cooler air while keeping a low profile in the greenhouse wall. 

Another welcomed design feature of the 8x20 Glory is its generous eaves height, which offers over six feet of interior headroom even at the lowest heights, reducing the need to stoop when walking inside – and providing plenty of vertical growing space ready for your homegrown plants to string up. A wide single door also contributes to the ease of accessing your greenhouse, and is ideal for larger items or wheelbarrows. The low-threshold ramp into the greenhouse makes pushing a wheelbarrow or entering by wheelchair all that bit easier.

A couple of other features that will subtly improve your experience of gardening are a brush strip that excludes draughts under the door, and an included guttering system that makes collecting any rain that falls onto the Glory's roof a doddle once a water butt is added.

Behind all of these features is the phenomenal build quality that provides a strong and durable foundation for the greenhouse. The aluminium frame used in the Glory is much thicker than lower-end models and is further supported by bars at roof's ridge and eaves. Rather than using glass – which is heavier and can be prone to shattering – the Glory utilises 10mm thick polycarbonate glazing throughout, slightly flexible and highly resistant to impact. This twin-wall glazing is semi-transparent, in order to diffuse direct sunlight and make sure that shadier spots receive more light. 


Palram have created an exciting range of accessories for those who would like to specialise their greenhouse and ready it for certain projects. For example, those planting in summer might want to consider the Shade Kit as a way to protect plants from the harshest sunlight.

Other accessories, like the Automatic Louvre Opener, simply increase the ease with which you can nurture plants. Another of our favourites is the Drip Irrigation Kit, which can be used to water plants simultaneously via up to 16 droppers. This is great for thirsty plants that thrive on daily attention, when you lack the time to water each plant individually or want to ensure a steady and even stream of water across the greenhouse.

Additional Details

The Palram 8x20 Glory is delivered flat-packed and assembled by owners at home. While it helps to have some DIY experience, many customers often find building their greenhouse a rewarding way to spend a weekend with a friend or family member. Follow the manufacturer's written instructions close to see the best results.

Customers who have the future in mind will be pleased to know that Palram backs up their claim of excellent build quality with a ten-year warranty to set your mind at ease. Check the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure you know the full details for the (very minimal) necessary maintenance and can make sure your coverage is valid.

Key Features

  • FREE UK mainland delivery
  • Ten-year limited warranty offered by the manufacturer for your peace of mind
  • Deeper anthracite grey powder-coated aluminium frame that is heavy duty, with added thickness
  • Generous interior headroom
  • Aluminium door handle that can be fitted with a lock for optimal security
  • 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate glazing used throughout, translucent to disperse the sun's gaze and encourage a more uniform climate
  • A perimeter base made from galvanised steel
  • Low maintenance structure that is rust-free 
  • UV-protected glazing that does not discolour or yellow with age
  • Magnetic door catches to hold door open against frame when desired
  • Brush strip on single door to exclude draughts 
  • Built-in guttering system to easily collect rainwater with a water butt



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We recommend against arranging for a third party to install the product before its delivery and checking that all parts are present, and we cannot be held liable for any third-party costs caused by delays.

8 x 20 (2.39m x 5.98m) Palram - Canopia Glory Greenhouse - Anthracite


Product code - 121011036


Description Information

The Palram 8x20 Glory greenhouse is a premium quality, polycarbonate glazed greenhouse with an extra thick aluminium frame. This excellence in construction allows for a truly enormous interior space, with over 150 square feet of growing space. Read about some of this model's key features here:

  • Four upper vents that are each fitted with Automatic Vent Openers (requiring no electrical input)
  • 10mm twin-wall polycarbonate with a frosted look that gently diffuses any light that enters for a well-balanced climate
  • Frosted style glazing used for both roof and wall panels
  • A side louvre vent, an elegant solution for adding extra ventilation

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Palram Manual Side Louvre Window (Silver)£97.00
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Palram Greenhouse Twin Shelf Kit£44.00
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